Ten Punishments That Work!
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Ten Punishments That Work | Top 10 Punishments for Kids

It’s hard to find punishments that really work. It’s even harder to find ten punishments that work consistently. The dilemma is that most children have creative ways to be disruptive and can push their parent’s buttons consistently. Punishments can be a smart way to discipline children who constantly test the boundaries and who continuously show …

3 year old behavior is out of control
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3 Year Old Behavior Is Out Of Control

It can be very disconcerting when your 3 year old behavior is out of control. Most parents are left feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and blaming themselves. However, there are a number of proactive steps you can take. If your 3 year old behavior is out of control, it’s important to remember environmental and developmental factors behind …

how to deal with toddler hitting
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How To Deal With Toddler Hitting

Learning how to deal with toddler hitting isn’t always easy. Toddlers will act up and lash out for many reasons, some being a lot more complicated then others. Whether it’s due to tiredness, stimulation or meeting developmental milestone toddlers are constantly in conflict. Growing up can be tough. They are continuously learning and finding more …

3 year old Behavior problems what is normal
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3 Year Old Behaviour Problems What Is Normal

It’s very common for parents to ask themselves 3 year old behaviour problems what is normal? 3 Year olds are at a very important milestone in their developmental stage. On the one hand, they have transitioned from baby to toddler and on the other, they are transitioning from toddler to older child.  This complex spectrum …

toddlers crying for no reason
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Toddlers Crying For No Reason

It’s difficult to see toddlers crying for no reason. Especially when there’s nothing you can do or say to stop it. What’s even more difficult is it’s often tricky to pinpoint what exact reason is. Toddlers have a hard time expressing themselves. That’s no secret. Between navigating the intricate details of each developmental stage and …

how to discipline a child who doesn't care about consequences
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How To Discipline A Child Who Doesn’t Care About Consequences

Disciplining children can be a difficult job. Different developmental ages need different sets of parenting guidelines and frameworks. Parents face a hard job when faced with how to discipline a child who doesn’t care about consequences. This only becomes more frustrating when your child starts to show, in no uncertain terms, that any consequence or …

Why Is My 4 Year Old So Angry And Aggressive?
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Why Is My 4 Year Old So Angry And Aggressive?

Many parents constantly debate “Why is my 4 year old so angry and aggressive?” and it can be a very frustrating dilemma. 4 Year olds are innately there own person. They have already gained greater independence, self-control and creativity. They are able to play independently and in groups. They can also play for long periods …

4-Year-Old Behaviour Getting Worse
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4-Year-Old Behaviour Getting Worse

4-Year-Old Behaviour Getting Worse? People are often shocked when they notice a sudden shift in their usually obedient and helpful child. It’s almost like it’s come out of nowhere and can feel like your starting back at square one. If you thought that the terrible 2’s was over and that the ‘Threenager’s was your worse …