Pregnancy in College

Pregnancy in College: Pros, Cons and What To Expect!

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Pregnancy is not always expected, especially at a very young age. But it doesn’t mean it’s less desirable. Of course, if you are still a student, you might face a lot of new challenges related to motherhood. However, there are also some benefits to having a baby during college.

Before we consider both advantages and disadvantages of being pregnant while pursuing your degree, let’s discuss how you can relieve the burden on your shoulders caused by your studies.

Ask for help from professionals

College years may be extremely difficult, especially if you are studying at a top institution. Getting a degree requires a lot of time and energy that are sometimes hard to find.

Especially if you are pregnant, you may be wondering how to handle numerous assignments and frequent tests. Luckily, there is a great solution for you. You can turn to online companies that complete college papers for students. For example, if you need essay help, professional writers can provide it to you. All you need to do is just to give specific instructions to writing experts and set deadlines for your task. You can be sure that your paper will be completed on time.

As you see, you shouldn’t worry too much about your studies if you got pregnant at college. Let’s consider the pros and cons of this situation in more detail.

Advantages of being pregnant at college

More understanding

Judging by the experience of most pregnant students, professors are generally more understanding to them. Of course, not every instructor has a nicer attitude to those who are pregnant in college. Some of them didn’t accept any excuses if you submit your paper after the deadline or skip an assessment. But as a rule, the majority of professors create special instructions for such students, so you can be more relaxed in terms of studying. 

Higher energy levels

When you are in your 20s, you must be at the peak of energy. The older we get, the more passive we become. As you might understand, pregnancy and motherhood will take a lot of energy from you. Nights without sleep, caring after a baby and raising your child – all require you to be active.

When you are young, you have enough mental and physical resources for your child. You can be more emotionally involved in everything and it won’t cost you as much as when you are in your late 30s.

Better health

Typically, students are healthier than those who have already started their careers and stopped doing regular physical exercise or taking proper rest. Better health means you have a lower chance of miscarrying your child. In addition, the likelihood of chromosomal disorders in your child also decreases.

If you got pregnant in your 20s, you probably won’t struggle with blood pressure issues and will stay fit after delivering your baby.

Disadvantages of pregnancy at college

Increased stress levels

If your pregnancy wasn’t planned, it must be really stressful. Psychologists say that all unexpected events cause a stress response in our bodies. And it doesn’t matter whether they are positive or negative. What’s more, you are supposed to make big life decisions in such circumstances.

It’s absolutely okay not to know what to do next. But it’s extremely stressful at the same time. And unfortunately, you can’t avoid this stress.

Potential health risks

If you decide to continue your pregnancy, you will be subjected to some health risks. Both pregnancy and childbirth carry risks and have some side effects. To avoid problems, you must have access to proper medical care.

By the way, women who are not expecting pregnancy may unintentionally continue the intake of harmful substances. You may also have an unhealthy lifestyle that can lead to severe complications.

Undesirable pause

Raising a child requires a lot of resources: time, finances, and energy. If you don’t have much support, you need to sacrifice something. For example, you may put on your education and career plans. Your relationship may also suffer from an unexpected pregnancy.

One is the drawbacks of pregnancy at a very young age is that you may not have enough resources and support in place to help you through it. That’s why young women are often forced to pause their education or internship as well as social life.

Final thoughts

Getting pregnant at college can be an unexpected surprise. Of course, this situation has both pros and cons. In this article, we listed some of the major drawbacks and benefits of early pregnancy. Hopefully, it will help you look at pregnancy from different angles and make the right decision.

Mary Spears is a healthcare expert and life coach. She works with people helping them improve their lifestyles and become healthier. Mary believes that health must be a top priority for everybody as it’s a basis for a happy living


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