Pregnancy Reveal To Husband

Pregnancy Reveal To Husband

Irrespective of whether you are about to become a first-time mom or an experienced mom, revealing your pregnancy news to your husband is probably the happiest thing you can do after confirming it. 

So why call him up at work to say, “Hey, know what? You’re gonna be a dad!” when you can surprise him with the news most sweetly and memorably possible?

So here are a few brilliant pregnancy announcement ideas that will make him smile for hours on end. 

Pregnancy Reveal to Husband: Why and How to Make it Special?

According to a Maternal and Child Health Journal survey, 48% of the women who participated in the survey claimed to be very happy about their pregnancy.

Of course, all to-be mothers, especially first-time ones, love to share the news with the world, but it is the revelation of the news with the to-be dad that is important and special.

You can simply blurt out the news to your husband if you are too excited about the event, which is completely explicable.

But if you can keep a big secret for a couple of hours or maybe even a day, you can make the announcement special in many ways for him to remember all his life.

Now, we can shift to our question, “How to make a pregnancy news announcement to your husband, special?”

Well, you can try to gift him special mugs or puzzles that announce the arrival of a new member. 

You can also opt for revelation processes that may include the presence of a pet or maybe a sibling.

So let us take a quick look at a few creative ways to tell your husband that there is a little one on the way.

1. Gift Him a Fatherhood Handbook!

A book is anyway a man’s Best Friend. So while revealing such happy news to your husband, it will definitely come in handy!

So what you can do is buy a book written for to-be dads and wrap it up like the cutest gift possible and hand it over to him when he comes home in the evening. 

You can give them a book like “The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads To Be” or maybe even “Be Prepared: a Practical Handbook for New Dads”.

Once handed over, you can simply sit beside him and watch his facial expressions change as he registers the fact.

There are also a variety of notebooks available sending a similar message home.

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2. Make Him Solve a Puzzle!

Yes, it is true that to-be parents should exhibit every ounce of maturity they have in themselves but who does not wish to be a child all over again?

So, if he is not a spoil-sport, you can give him a personalized puzzle with the name of the baby and the due date. 

Wrap up the puzzle in a cute gift wrap and hand it over to him, asking him to take his time and solve it.

Then, once again, you can simply sit in front of him and watch his lips bend into a smile as soon as he realizes that a little one is arriving soon. 

Pregnant revelation puzzles are not costly at all. But the 5 minutes that he takes to solve the puzzle will be the few memorable moments to cherish all his life.

3. Serve Him Some Coffee in a Surprise Mug!

Does tea or coffee happen to be a favorite beverage for the to-be dad?

If yes, then this might be a perfect way to announce your pregnancy to your husband.

There are special mugs available all over the market that are designed specially to reveal surprises like pregnancy announcements. 

The mug has the words you are going to be a daddy printed right at the bottom.

So when he comes home tired in the evening and asks for a mug of hot coffee, you can simply serve him the coffee in this special mug. 

So once he has finished drinking his favorite beverage, he will notice the writing at the bottom.

Wait and watch as the news sinks in, and he keeps smiling for hours on end.


If you happen to have a bad dog or maybe a younger child, you can try to make them a part of the pregnancy reveal to husband.

For example, there are bandanas and t-shirts available for bed dogs with the words I am getting a human written on them. 

Similar t-shirts for children are available in the market with the words older sibling or older sister/ brother written on them.

This, too, can be a sweet way to announce your pregnancy to your husband.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Tell My Husband I am Pregnant Right Away?

The sheer excitement of becoming a mother is indeed so uncontrollable that one simply cannot resist telling her partner that a little baby is on its way.

But for people who can’t keep a secret for about a day or two, there are brilliant ideas to reveal your pregnancy to your husband. 

It is advisable not to tell your husband about your pregnancy right away so that the moment of the revelation becomes a memory to cherish forever.

Can I Tell him I am Pregnant Over Text?

If your partner lives far away in some distant part of the country and rarely comes home, then there might be no other way for you than to tell him over text about your pregnancy.

Nevertheless, if he is at work and will come home in the evening, you should wait for him and tell him about your pregnancy face to face. 

The primary reason for this is that online texts can hardly reveal real feelings, but when you announce it face-to-face, you can look at his expression change: the moment will be cherished forever.

Are Five Weeks too Early to Tell Family?

Everyone lives under different circumstances. So there is no perfect time to announce your pregnancy to your family.

However, a few surveys revealed that most to-be mothers announced their pregnancy somewhere in between 4-5 weeks.

But, in the end, you can always decide what’s perfect for you.

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