Push Present Ideas for Dads

Push Present Ideas for Dads

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You’ve definitely heard of push presents for mothers because they have to do all the physical labor during childbirth, but what about one for dad?

There’s nothing wrong with showing some love for the papa bear as well! Dads are often easy to impress when it comes to receiving gifts.

They will typically enjoy and be pleased with any present as long as it is functional or makes them feel comfortable.

Nonetheless, finding a gift for new fathers is not always an easy task.

Some of our choices for push present ideas for dad are listed below.

Push Present Ideas for Dads

While some may claim that the mother does all of the work and effort during childbirth, this does not reduce the mental and physical burden that the dad has been facing.

For the past 9 months, he has most likely been immersed in everything related to the coming of his new baby.

Whether he is a first-time father or a seasoned parent, welcoming a child should always be an exciting experience.

Things that are personal, practical, and creative are excellent ways to commemorate the parenthood journey.

Dads, in general, do not complain too much about the gifts they receive.

Having their family members on their side for most of the time is generally enough for them.

This is why you shouldn’t be too concerned about getting the dad push presents.

Unfortunately, there are far too many gift options to choose from on the internet.

And, looking around for just the right thing can be a truly time-consuming pastime.

So we’ve done the legwork for you and found a few fairly foolproof, useful push-present candidates for any dad.

1. Customized Apparel and Accessories

For decades, personalized apparel has served as a means for people to express their love to others.

As a push present, having matching outfits for the father and baby can be a fantastic idea.

Matching outfits are ideal for a variety of circumstances, such as a morning stroll around the neighborhood, weekly grocery shopping at the local supermarket, or simply a relaxing day on the sofa.

More importantly, it is a reasonably priced push present!

Customized accessories can also be an excellent choice. If the father wears a watch, an engraved watch is a wonderful push present.

It can be a lovely reminder of the moment.

2. Manly Diaper Bag

If there’s one item of baby gear that every father deserves is a masculine diaper bag. Avoid toy-like diaper bags that are overly decorated.

A diaper bag that is manly and exists purely to make a father’s life easier when he is out with his child would be ideal.

An excellent diaper bag for men should be both practical and fashionable.

Some diaper bags come with modest features, such as reflective or leather embellishment to enhance their appearance without detracting from their functionality.

Besides, it would help if the diaper bag has a changing station. 

3. Electronic Massager

It should come as no surprise that caring for a newborn involves a lot of physical activity, which can leave a parent with aching and tense muscles.

As a result, an electronic massage gadget will not only make the father feel terrific again, but it will also be the ideal push gift to prove that you care about him.

After a busy day, a massage device will stimulate his happy hormones, making him feel calm and renewed.

More importantly, studies show that a massage can aid with the overall quality of sleep, which is especially crucial for a new father.

4. Dad Joke Book

Every dad, particularly new dads, will appreciate a 101 dad joke book. This book will give him a set of jokes that are not only funny but also cringe. 

5. Monthly Coffee Subscription

Coffee is another one of those basic commodities that you never want to be without.

Consider getting the new dad a coffee subscription to make sure that he is always supplied up on high-duality, fresh coffee beans.

Most monthly coffee clubs make it very simple to customize a subscription model.

Most significantly, you won’t have to pay a fortune because some alternatives start as low as $40 per month.

Of course, you can include a variety of coffee flavors so that the father gets what he likes.

6. Personalized Wallet

Another great gift idea for dads is undoubtedly a wallet. You can go further and personalize the wallet to make it a more thoughtful gift.

For instance, you can engrave a leather wallet with his name or your child’s name or date of birth.

This will always remind him of your baby everywhere he goes.

7. Phone Docking Station

Does the dad multitask while taking care of the baby? If so, a phone docking station and organizer would be an excellent push present.

With this station, he can easily organize everything in one spot including his watch, keys, wallet, pen, rings, and glasses.

This way, he won’t lose his belongings while taking care of the baby or when undertaking other tasks.


Historically, a push present is presented to a pregnant woman after or during her pregnancy.

However, the soon-to-be father can also accept a gift from his expecting partner, relatives, and others to memorialize his parenthood journey.

Not every gift has to be a spectacular price tag to be fantastic; all it takes to make a dad happy is something useful and meaningful.

Consider the father’s habits and the things that may make his life simpler with a newborn.

All of the push present ideas for dads we’ve provided above are fantastic considerations that fathers will appreciate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a push present for dad?

Although push presents were initially given to women, they can be given to dads to mark their fatherhood journey.

This push present is usually given from the wife and can be given before or after the delivery of a newborn. 

Should I include a gift receipt for the push present?

Gift receipts are not inappropriate. They are, in fact, incredibly thoughtful and handy, especially if you are giving a push present that comes in a variety of sizes.

You don’t want the sweater you gave the father as a push present to be useless because he can’t fit into it, do you?

So, don’t be concerned about whether or not to include the gift receipt!

A push present should be something that expresses your affection for the father while also making him happy.

As a result, the gift receipt is a way to ensure that you truly intend to provide something beneficial to someone.

Is a dad worthy to receive a push gift?

Yes, a dad is definitely a worthy recipient of a push gift as this reminds him that he is an important part of the entire pregnancy and birth process.

It is a way of showing him that his role is significant both to the mother and the new baby.



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