Signs Labor Is 24-48 Hours Away

Signs Labor Is 24-48 Hours Away

The journey of pregnancy is definitely a beautiful one.

This experience may feel differently for different people, but the emotions felt are almost the same.

You are likely to feel excited, nervous, fatigued, and exhausted all the same while in your pregnancy.

You will realize it whenever the countdown of your baby’s birth begins. 

Signs Labor Is 24-48 Hours Away

This article is put together based on research and studies on different signs experienced by people when labor is about to happen.

Most noticed signs include diarrhea, low back pain, and loss of weight. 

Water breaking is the other one of the most common signs that pregnant women experience. One would immediately know when their water breaks.

It is absolutely right to believe that the experience of labor is different for all women.

What you may be experiencing in the final hours of pregnancy may well be the opposite to others.

 Although it will be hard to tell or predict what hour of which day you will go into labor, you can definitely watch out for signs to tell your delivery is here. 

There are noticeable signs that you can’t easily notice; such signs include aggression, stress, and nervousness, which one might generally feel during their pregnancy phase. 

However, when the delivery is near, you will be able to tell, and especially if you have read up beforehand, it won’t be a deal.

These signs will only help you to become alert about what is to follow and make you prepared. 

1. Water Breaking 

The first, foremost, and obvious sign is water breaking. What happens, in this case, is your amniotic sac is ruptured.

The amniotic sac is the fluid-filled sac that protects the baby inside the womb as its body develops. 

But when the sac is ruptured, it doesn’t matter naturally or artificially, and it means it’s time for labor; there is increased pressure from the baby’s head on your sac. 

You don’t need to experience a gush of water, and you might even just feel a trickle of water or little wetness in your underwear that will tell your water broke. 

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2. Nesting 

The cause of Nesting is mostly related to hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy.

You might completely switch to a different personality in this phase.

It is a natural instinct that is denoted by a solid drive to prepare your unborn baby’s living space. 

You might come across as hyper in all your actions and responses, and it’s nothing to worry about.

Most women channel this energy by making elaborate cleaning and organizing plans, making decisions to limit social gatherings, and so on. 

All your actions are only inclined in your baby’s interest. The nesting nature stems from a genuine place of concern for the baby. 

3. Weight Loss

It’s not uncommon to see a pregnant person losing weight. One loses about one to three pounds of weight always right before going into labor. 

We don’t call it loss of fat, and it is, in fact, our body shedding excess water.

It happens when amniotic fluid reduces in size toward the end of pregnancy and urination increases. 

When the baby moves to a lower position, it adds pressure on your bladder, which leads to the frequent urge to pee.

This whole process leads to massive weight loss, which is natural during childbirth. 


Few Signs labor is 24-48 hours away include lower body pain or abdomen pain sometimes, diarrhea, and water breaking.

If you have a fair awareness of the possible signs and symptoms, you can smoothly get through the pregnancy phase.

Timely information and awareness will always come in handy, and it wouldn’t stress you at all, even when you are near pregnancy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Feel Hours Before Labor? 

It won’t be all fun and games right before your labor.

You may feel intense contractions that will cause great discomfort, similar to an upset stomach, menstrual cramps, or abdominal pressure.

Pain can shift to the legs eventually, and severe discomfort may be experienced. Unfortunately, the pain or discomfort never subsides until the time of delivery. 

Is 24 Hours Long Labor? 

If the baby is not born until 20 hours of contraction, you may be prolonged hours of labor.

If you have conceived twins or more, your labor is likely to last more than just 16 hours.

Labor can be long and intense in all cases, but you have to keep courage and patience. 

Does Labor Pain Start Suddenly? 

Labor pain does not go as quickly as it starts. It will be slow at the start, but gradually it will increase in magnitude.

Sometimes labor may just start, and we might not realize it. 


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