Signs Your Child Is Manipulating You
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Signs Your Child Is Manipulating You

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There can be various occasions during your kid’s childhood that they may be trying to manipulate you.

It’s nothing to be crazy about; it’s natural when children are growing up.

Some days you will be able to tell when they are doing that, and other days you will believe them because they make it look so natural.

It’s on the parents to master the art of understanding what the child feels. 

Signs Your Child Is Manipulating You

It’s very easy for children above nine years of age to manipulate parents in any way they want.

For example, if your kid needs a lollipop, there is no way you can deny them because he knows how to get it even when you don’t want to give it.

This happens because parents can never identify whether their kid is acting on a whim or genuinely deserves a particular gift, an object he demands, or a small treat. 

This article highlights the different signs your child is using to manipulate you.

You should understand their vocabulary and behavior so that parenting can be easier for them in the long run.

Children will always understand when we give them rules to go by and force them to practice discipline.

However, one should do it with a lot of tact, show love and affection to children, and try to have it your way.

When you spend time with them, you can read through their various characteristics. 

When you are raising children, you should make sure that you don’t give your children the power to influence you, so they come out as sensible and well-adjusted teenagers and adults. 

1. Repeating the Same Thing Unless Replied To, In Positive

Children have a habit of repeatedly asking the same question until they are so irritated that they only reply positively.

But you don’t have to let that happen; stay firm. This is one of children’s favorite and oldest manipulation tactics. 

If you give ‘no’ for an answer the first time, they will keep repeating it until you say yes.

Staying firm is the key to this. In fact, you must call out to the children who will keep badgering before they make a request.

Tell them clearly you are not changing the response so they can stop asking as well. 

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2. Avoid Argument

It won’t be right to engage in an ongoing argument once you have said no in a particular matter.

Engaging in an argument would mean you are trying to justify your response to your children, which you don’t want. 

Whatever you say after the ‘no’ you gave will be of little importance to your children.

You can allow the child to express his argument without re-engaging in that situation.

Your children need to understand that no matter how long or hard they try to argue; their behavior will not affect them. 

3. No Response

When you ask your child to do something and doesn’t respond, understand that he’s using the third most crucial manipulation tactic.

You will ask the child all kinds of questions, and he won’t reply. It doesn’t matter what the questions were asked.

The child is clearly manipulating you, and mostly he will pretend that he didn’t listen and was clearly within earshot.

The questions that he doesn’t like responding to, he will simply ignore. That is a clear sign that he is manipulating you. 

 It is best to tell your children to acknowledge the question and then expect a response from parents. 


Signs your child is manipulating you are many in reality.

As parents, you just need to watch out for their behavior and different responses in different situations.

If parents observe their children like that, there is no chance their children can manipulate them.

In fact, they will try to understand all their needs and see that children’s need to be manipulated does not arise. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do You Know If Your Child Is Manipulating You? 

It will be easy to tell when your children are trying to manipulate you, especially if you are an experienced parent.

For example, if your child is mean or disrespectful, he’s clearly trying to manipulate you. 

How Do I Deal with A Manipulative Daughter? 

The only proper way to deal with a manipulative daughter is by staying quiet.

If you react to your child’s behavior, that might cause them to behave unreasonably even more, and you don’t want that.

Instead, you should firmly hold them accountable for their actions and stand by your partner’s opinion of the child. 

What Are Signs of Manipulation? 

Be careful if anyone knows about your weaknesses; they might use them against you.

Even if you have insecurities, don’t let them reflect in front of anyone.

Manipulative people can convince you to give up something important to you to make you dependent on someone.

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