What Happens If My Baby Drank Old Formula
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What Happens If My Baby Drank Old Formula

Do you have old formula, and you are wondering what happens if my baby drank old formula?

First, according to WHO guidelines, old formula is not only formula milk past its expiration date.

Any prepared formula that is older than two hours falls under this category of old formula. 

Experts recommend preparing a fresh batch of formula milk every time you need to feed your baby.

This way, you can avoid any issues that might arise from the baby consuming the old formula. 

However, human is to error. So, what happens if you feed your little one old formula? Keep reading.

What Happens If My Baby Drank Old Formula

If your baby drinks old formula, there is a likelihood that they could fall ill.

For starters, if it is formula milk you mixed over an hour ago, it could contain bacteria. It grows pretty fast, especially if you leave the bottle out at room temperature. 

Children under three months, born prematurely, or those with preexisting medical conditions are more likely to develop serious infections.

In addition, watch out for any rise in body temperature and sluggish appearance.

What symptoms will your baby show after drinking old formula?

Did your baby drink old formula? The best way to know if they are affected is to keep an eye n them. If you notice any of the below, seek immediate medical advice:

1. Vomiting

The old formula might cause your baby to throw up due to food poisoning. Food poisoning occurs within twenty-four hours.

The body might quickly attempt to eliminate the spoilt food and bacteria out of the system.

Once your baby starts to throw up, give them bits of salty water to keep them dehydrated and replace lost fluids.

2. Diarrhea

Note that diarrhea will yield a more severe loss in fluid and electrolytes than vomiting.

Therefore, give your baby salty water to keep them hydrated and seek medical attention.

If diarrhea goes unchecked, it can lead to dehydration, which can be fatal to your baby.

3. Fever

If your baby drinks this formula milk, they could contract a cronobacter infection.

Cronobacter is the most dangerous bacteria in the old formula. It survives in powdered milk and multiplies fast enough. 

This infection can cause secondary bacterial infections or bacterial meningitis. These can be fatal. 

Unlike adult meningitis, your baby will not have a stiff neck, only a fever.

If your baby has meningitis, it will also become sluggish and unresponsive. Contact the doctor if you observe any of the above signs.

How do I know if an old formula is bad?

Old formula has sour milk characteristics that include a foul smell, clumps on the milk, and the milk seems separated.

Your baby is unlikely to drink it off anyway. However, keep off any formula older than two hours since it might contain dangerous bacteria for your child.

The risk escalates more in children with weak immune systems and those below three months.

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What if I gave the baby expired formula?

If you gave your baby a formula that is past its “best by” date, do not panic.

The expired formula is less harmful to your baby unless the powder is clumpy, smells odd, decolorized, or broken the formula’s seal.

Past the expiry date, nutrients in the baby preparation will break down. If you feed them this milk, they will not get the required nutrients. 

However, monitor for any food poisoning symptoms since bacteria is likely to have expired formula.


What happens if my baby drank old formula? Sometimes, nothing happens.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to stay vigilant. Check your baby for food poisoning symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Also, keep your baby hydrated to keep off serious illnesses. In a worse scenario case, old formula might cause cronobacter infection that is likely to cause meningitis.

Monitor your baby closely for any symptoms such as fever and lethargy. Contact your doctor at the earliest signs. 


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