What If My Baby Wont Burp After Feeding
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What If My Baby Wont Burp After Feeding

Sometimes, I wonder what if my baby wont burp after feeding. 

Burping your infant is crucial as it escapes the air, which he must have swallowed along with his food. 

What will happen when he falls asleep while feeding?

Several years of experience with my newborn have taught me a few tricks to make a baby burp.

What If My Baby Wont Burp After Feeding

Certain baby manuals come in handy explaining why burping is essential and how you can burp the baby.

Burping after every meal is not only crucial for infants but also adults.

But what if my baby won’t burp after feeding?

Experts say that it is absolutely fine if your baby doesn’t burp after feeding.

But there’s a condition to this. This scenario stands as long as the baby doesn’t vomit after feeding. 

Usually, burping the baby prevents him from vomiting up his feed. However, if the baby doesn’t burp and vomits once or twice, it’s a serious concern.

In this case, you should always make your baby burp.

If an infant is vomiting out some kind of curdy material (even when he has burped), it is not a matter of concern. 

Doctors also say that you must spend as much time as you can burp your toddler.

When you feed him hurriedly, it is possible that he won’t burp and ultimately vomit his feed out.

It is advisable that you notice your infant’s behavior after feeding him when he hasn’t burped. If he’s happy and playing, then you won’t have to worry at all. 

1. How To Burp A Sleeping Baby?

What happens when my baby falls asleep while drinking milk? What if my baby won’t burp after feeding?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! 

Well, after feeding your sleeping baby, hold him in an upright position. Try not to wake him up. Make sure that the baby’s head lies comfortably on your shoulder.

Keep patting his back gently and wait till the baby burps. In about 5 minutes, your baby would burp.

If the baby still won’t burp, use your hand to rub his back in a circular motion. 

Don’t lose hope! Keep patting or rubbing your baby’s back to reduce the chances of vomiting.

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2. Importance Of Burping The Baby

We already know that burping the baby is essential for a healthy digestive system.

If the baby won’t burp, there are high risks of vomiting and ultimately digestive problems.

Another reason why burping the baby is important is that his system needs to get rid of the air he might’ve swallowed. 

If you’re bottle-feeding the baby, there are chances of increased milk flow.

In that case, burping is essential, or your little one would end up vomiting the whole thing out. 

When you shake the bottle after adding the formula, the liquid may take up some gas. Therefore, the air should be sucked out of the baby’s system via burping.

3. Other Ways To Burp The Baby

Move around with your baby in an upright position and keep patting on his back.

Making the baby burp is a job that requires patience. Sometimes he may take a minute to burp, and at other times he may take longer. 

Another thing you can do is to hold your infant in a sitting position in your lap.

Again, do not forget to support his head with your hand. On the other hand, keep patting on the baby’s back.

If the baby still doesn’t burp, try lying him down on his belly. Keep patting the baby’s back and wait until he burps.

Make sure that this position doesn’t make your little one vomit. 


Now you have the solution to ‘What if my baby won’t burp after feeding?’ 

You must know how important it is to burp your infant. To prevent him from digestive issues, make sure that you wait for at least a few minutes to make him burp.

A healthy feed is incomplete without a burp!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What If My Baby Doesn’t Burp And Falls Asleep?

You become conscious when the baby falls asleep while you’re feeding him.

Don’t worry; hold him in an upright position. Keep patting his back till he burps. Then, roam about for a few minutes and wait until he burps.

How Can I Make My Baby Burp Faster?

Your baby won’t burp himself after you’re done feeding him.

You will have to pick him up and hold him for a bit if you want to make him burp faster. Pat on his back until he burps.

Is One Burp Enough For A Newborn?

If you’re breastfeeding, then yes, one burp is enough. But if you’re bottle-feeding the baby, he may burp more than once.

Baby formula is a slightly heavier feed than breastmilk. A baby about six months old should burp more than once if you’re feeding him the formula.

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