What Is A Diaper Service

What Is A Diaper Service

Pregnancy may be a perplexing and overwhelming experience for a couple. What to eat? What not to eat? Where to give birth? What is the procedure of the delivery?

The questions are endless, as are the answers to finding out a parent’s journey to a newborn.

For example, Diapering was not a popular topic in the past, but that has changed recently.

Cloth diapering is widely used due to various environmental conditions, and it reduces your newborn’s toxic exposure.

Another advantage is the cost savings. But, first and foremost, what is a diaper service?

What Is A Diaper Service?

A significant challenge that several parents face with the use of cloth diapers is the laundry part.

Even getting the idea of how to wash the diaper, how to use it, how to hang it, when to wash the diapers, the washing routine to be followed can cause bewilderment!

Fortunately, today, there is a cost-effective solution for families who prefer cloth diapers but are concerned about their washing and the diaper service. 

You might think of diaper service as a foreign concept; however, the moment you learn about it, you might feel that it is what you are always waiting for.

Therefore, before you decide that it will not be the right fit for you, you must begin thinking that it is perfect for both cloth and disposable diaper users.

Undoubtedly, these services will vary among these two to make your life a little bit more straightforward.

This article will highlight and explain all you need to know about the diaper service.

Several diaper service companies deliver safe and hygienic cloth diapers at your door at regular intervals and even pick the soiled ones for laundry. 

1. The Working of Diaper Service

In general, the clean cloth diapers are delivered to the doorstep, and the filthy ones are picked up in just a few minutes.

There is no need for you to wash or handle any dirty cloth diaper; you need to clean your baby.

Then, you only have to throw the dirty diaper in the pail that the servicemen collect, and you’re done. 

When you sign up for the diaper service, you get a unique and new air-tight diaper pail.

You will love the way it is as it will make sure that the smell of dirty diapers is not filled in your home.

Plus, some services also provide supply liners for the cloth diaper pail along with deodorants.

On the day of pickup, you need to hand over this liner to the diaper pail in a similar way you get rid of your trash by throwing it into the garbage van. 

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2. The Benefits Associated With The Cloth Diaper Service

  • They are convenient and can do all the work for you hassle-free. 
  • Rather than using too many cloth diapers, you can rent diapers on a weekly or monthly basis. 
  • They comprise laundry, pickup, and drop-off services with their rental services. You need to clean your baby, and they will handle all the other challenges. As your diaper services need to comply with the strict standards set by the Board of Health, the diapers you receive will be much cleaner than you could have with home laundry. 
  • When your service cleans the dirty diapers, they will change the water frequently and dry them with air if they are not sanitized. 
  • While you are not at home, you will still receive the clean and sanitized diapers at your doorstep. 

3. The Cost Of Diaper Service

The cost generally varies between $18 to $24 per week, along with the advantage of proper delivery at the doorstep.

Of course, the cost will be more if you think of cleaning and washing the cloth diapers yourself, but it is less than the disposable diapers. 

If you have more than one child, then for every child, the price will be lower, as your service will charge just the delivery fees.

Therefore, for parents of more than one child, delivery service will be an affordable option compared to disposable diapers, without any demanding situation of maintaining the laundry needed for cloth diapers for many children. 


What is a diaper service? The overall idea of this service is that a service person will come to you on a weekly or monthly payment basis; they will take care of the cleaning and laundering with the diapers.

It is simply an ease of burden for parents who feel difficulty in managing.

If you plan to use cloth diapers but are confused regarding their cleaning, then the diaper service is your ultimate solution. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to define the services of diaper delivery? 

The subscription of diapers will let you sign up to have these diapers directly delivered to your doorstep because you will always need them.

Here, you will first choose the dimension you need, the style you prefer, and then select the date and the intervals in which you need the diapers. 

What will the number of diapers be delivered to me? 

With diapers, there are recurring costs attached as well. On average, a baby needs eight to twelve diapers daily, as per the National Diaper Bank Network.

So it will make you spend about $70 to $80 per month or $900 a year.

Can I save money with cloth diapers? 

The disposable diapers will cost approximately $0.25-0.30 per use compared to cloth diapers that cost about seven diapers every day.

This amounts to $1.50 to $2.00 savings per day with cloth diapers. 




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