What Shoe Does a 3 Year Old Wear
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What Shoe Does a 3 Year Old Wear

When toddlers are growing up, they constantly move from one place to another around the house.

It may be a bit hard to keep up with their movements, fearing that they may hurt their tiny feet.

Due to these movements, shoes are essential for a three-year-old child. It is sometimes complicated to know your child’s shoe size since many factors are considered.

You may ask yourself; What shoe does a 3 year old wear?

What are some of the factors which influence picking the correct shoe size?

This article will help provide you the answer that you are looking for.

What Shoe Does a 3 Year Old Wear

Many parents often wonder; what shoe does a 3 year old wear? At times, it is tough to know the exact size of the shoe for your child. 

The known size show of a three-year-old toddler is between size 8.1 and 9.1 in the U.S. In the U.K, a child’s shoe size ranges between 7.1 and 8.1.

It is essential to have your child measured before deciding which shoe size fits perfectly.

The measuring is crucial because it prevents a parent from picking out the wrong shoe size for their children.

It is also critical to note that your child has average size shoes. The shoe sizes are for toddlers between 3 and 3.5 years old.

Nevertheless, the average shoe size does not fit your child’s feet completely either because of their feet size or age.

Children grow very fast, and they may have developed their feet in six months.

For boys who are 3.5 years, the average shoe size in the U.K is size 10.1. For girls who are 3.5 years in the U.K, their shoe size is 9.1.

In the U.S, 3.5 years old boys wear an average shoe of size 11.1 while girls wear shoe size 10.1.

1. Things to Consider When Looking for a Shoe Size for a 3-year-old

Before deciding to settle for a shoe size for your three-year-old toddler, there are many factors to consider. Some of the factors include the following:

  • Comfort level: When children are aged three years, they need high comfort levels when wearing shoes. They love moving around the house and outside. Having an uncomfortable shoe will surely derail their chances of enjoying themselves.
  • The time factor: Before deciding on a particular shoe size, it is critical to consider that they will grow fast and outgrow a shoe. 
  • The balance of a shoe: 3-year-old toddlers need to have shoes with good soles to avoid falling when moving around or slipping and hurting themselves.

2. How to Measure the Size of Your Child’s Feet?

Parents often wonder; what size shoes does three-year-old wear? To answer this question correctly, they first need to measure the size of their children’s feet.

Some items are required to measure their feet. These items include:

  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • A white piece of paper

After having the above items, your baby should stand and place their feet on the white piece of paper.

His toes should not curl so that accurate measurement is taken. It would help if you used a pencil to draw a line from his heel to his biggest toe.

This process should be done on both the left and right feet since they may vary in size. Through this process, the feet measurements are taken.

3. Shoes That You Should Measure For Your Three-year-old Child

What size shoes does three-year-old wear? First and foremost, it’s essential to know which type of shoes the children should wear when the perfect shoe size is made.

Some of the shoes which you should measure for your 3-year-old child include the following:

  • Rain boots. These are essential for three-year-old children, especially when they like to go and play in the rain. The shoes should entirely cover their feet as they jump into pools of water cheerfully. It is critical to note that the rain boots should not be too big as they may be water-filled.
  • Winter boots. It is a must-have for your child to have winter boots on during the winter season. The shoes should be insulated for warmth purposes.

4. Other Important Things to Consider When Picking The Correct Shoe Size

Parents are often advised to consider additional vital information before picking out the right shoe size for their three-year-old children.

One thing to consider is the growth of the children.

Parents are advised to at least leave a 1.6 cm gap in their shoes by considering growth.

This gap usually accommodates the development of the children so that the shoe can perfectly fit.

Another essential thing to consider is the width of a child’s foot. The width is important to know which shoe can perfectly fit without being too narrow or broad.

The ribbon method is a suitable method of knowing the width of a child’s feet.

This method measures the width of feet to correspond with the shoe size.

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What shoe does a 3 year old wear? Well, there are many things to consider.

It may range from the levels of comfortability of a shoe, the balance of the shoes, and the time factor, particularly the age of a child.

Usually, a 3-year-old child wears a shoe size between 8.1 and 9.1. However, it may vary depending on the country.

Before a parent decides to buy a shoe for their children, they should first measure their children’s feet to get accurate measurements.

This process can be done using a white piece of paper, a ruler, and a pencil.

By drawing their feet on the piece of paper while they are upright, you can take the actual measurements of the feet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my toddler shoe size?

One good technique is using a ruler, a piece of white paper, and a pencil.

A parent is advised to instruct their child to stand upright on the piece of paper without them curling their toes.

A straight line is then drawn from the heel of the feet to the biggest toe of the child. The measurements should be in centimeters.

It is also important to note that toddlers have different feet. The measurements will hence vary when going out and selecting a shoe.

Do toddlers skip shoe sizes?

A toddler may need to wear any pair of shoes in a given year since they are growing every day.

It may be expensive for a parent to buy shoes for them as their feet grow.

What is the average shoe size of a three-year-old?

A three-year-old’s average shoe size is between 8.1 and 10.1.

It is recommended that a toddler’s shoe has an excellent sole to prevent them from slipping, especially in an unclean environment. The soles should also provide a firm grip on the ground.


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