What Should Baby Wear Under Swaddle
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What Should Baby Wear Under Swaddle

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Are you clothes shopping and don’t know what should baby wear under swaddle?

Swaddles are pieces of clothing that you use to wrap your baby. But, unlike a blanket, the swaddle wraps your baby’s hands entirely.

That way, they can stay intact and not wiggle their way. Swaddles make your baby more comfortable, warm, safe and feel that they are still in the womb. 

But parents always wonder, should you dress your baby with anything else under the swaddle?

When dressing your baby, experts recommend adding an extra layer on top of what you wear. 

Here’s everything you need to know:

What factors will you consider in dressing your baby?

While many parents buy cute clothes for their little ones, the main goal should be to ensure they are warm and comfy. 

When looking for what to dress your baby in, consider the prevailing temperatures, humidity, health, and age. 

The best way to check your baby’s temperature is through their chest instead of legs and hands.

That’s because there is poor blood circulation to their hands and legs.

As such, the temperatures readings you get from these regions are not accurate and will be misleading. 

For the room temperature, physicians recommend a range of 20℃ – 22.2℃ (68℉ – 70℉).

This will give them a cool and cozy room to sleep in. Anything more or less than this range will be too hot or too cold for your little one and could lead to SIDS. 

The room’s temperature is not the only thing to consider. If the humidity and temperatures are high, the room will be hotter and dangerous for the baby.

With humidity, you need to work with a range of 30% – 60%.

During winter, it is best to keep the air humid close to the higher range of 60%.

What Should Baby Wear Under Swaddle

If you are keen on these temperature ranges and try to keep them as stable as possible, there’s no need to overdress your baby.

Light clothes, like pajamas and onesies under the right temperature and humidity, are okay.

But, if your baby has a fever, dress them in light clothes. It will help them lose the extra heat.

However, dress them more warmly when shivering, have a cold or cough, or even a respiratory tract disease such as pneumonia. 

What to Dress Your Baby at Different Temperatures

Understanding the different temperatures and how they affect your little one will help you choose what to dress them. 

  • 23 to 25 degrees celsius – Use a 0.2 TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) swaddle or sleepsack, and then dress your baby in either a short or long-sleeved onesie.
  • 18 to 23 degrees celsius – Dress the baby in either long sleeve pajamas or long-sleeve onesies, and wrap them up in a 1.0 TOG swaddle or sleepsack
  • 16 to 18 degrees celsius – Use a 2.5 TOG swaddle, and then underneath, dress the baby in both long-sleeved onesie and long-sleeved pajamas.
  • Below 16 degrees celsius – Use a 3.5 TOG swaddle, and then underneath, dress the baby in both long-sleeved onesie and long-sleeved pajamas.

How will you tell if your baby is hot or cold on the crib?

Your baby might suddenly sneeze, fussy, and their skin might look paler than usual.

Place your hand on the baby’s hands, nose and feet. If they are cold, add an extra layer of clothes to add some warmth. 

If the baby is flushed, you will notice a sweaty nose, nape, or upper lip. They will also be restless with high ventilation and a rapid heart rate.

In this case, adjusts the baby’s dressing to reduce overheating. 


When it comes to what baby should wear under swaddle, it all depends on the weather and your baby’s comfort.

If your baby is too cold, you can add a layer of warm clothes under the swaddle.

Alternatively, you can buy a swaddle made from a warmer material.

Ensure that adding another layer of clothes doesn’t overheat your baby as it could lead to SIDS. 

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