What Size Is A Crochet Baby Blanket

What Size Is A Crochet Baby Blanket

Baby crochet blankets are one of the many ways to caress your baby to make them feel loved, warm and safe.

Hand Making them with lots of care and caution carries its mark and the blessings you weave into it.

You can make a DIY baby blanket in many ways, but crocheting is unique.

Are you wondering what size a crochet baby blanket is? What material should you use, and how much time does it take?

Then you are in the right place. Here you’ll find answers to all your questions.

What Size Is A Crochet Baby Blanket?

The standard dimensions of a baby blanket are 34 X 46 inches on average.

However, it varies based on choice, the material used in making it, and the kind of blanket.

Babies need blankets for various purposes, such as receiving blankets, stroller covers, swaddling blankets, crib blankets, and security blankets. 

1. Size Of The Blanket

A newborn is 20 inches long, whereas a one-year-old is 29 inches long.

While these are general measurements, most babies fall within this scope more or less.

Knowing their right age will help you determine a handy, right-sized blanket.

Commercial versions on the market mostly come in 34 x 46 sizes, whereas a few lightweight blankets come in larger sizes to encompass every possible need.

They are about 48 x 48 inches in size. Though the blankets go up to 60 x 90 size, these kinds are used in cribs and on the floor.

So, it all depends on where you intend the baby to use the blanket. 

2. Why Is Size Important?

Here having a right-sized blanket is important as you need to bear the weight of the blanket along with the baby when you carry them.

Also, your baby should feel comfortable enough to play around with it in the toddler stage.

If it is too large and heavy, it defeats these purposes. But if it’s too small, you cannot cover your baby nicely, which fails the blanket’s basic functionality.

3. Pattern 

A crocheted baby blanket with a simple design takes only a few hours to make.

Simple designs, i.e., single and double chaining stitches, create safer and solid patterns for babies.

Their tiny hands and fingers can easily get caught in the lacy pattern, so it is best to avoid fancy patterns.

4 Most common baby blanket types

When purchasing a baby blanket for your baby or as a gift, it will be easier to pick the right blanket if you know what to look for.

This knowledge allows you to serve a certain purpose and choose a proper blanket for each need.

#1 Receiving Blanket

Receiving blankets are one of the most versatile blankets due to their lightweight. Normally these blankets are found in one sq yd size and serve several purposes.

It is useful in laying the baby on the floor, catching spit-up or drools, swaddling, using it as a barrier on an unfamiliar surface, and many other purposes.

It will be very handy if the parents keep a receiving blanket ready when their baby is born.

Learn more from a related post: What Is A Baby Receiving Blanket

#2 Security Blanket

Security blankets are also lovely and essential for an 8-month-old.

However, once introduced to the newborn soon after they are born, they instantly pick up its warmth and develop a connection as they get used to it. 

Later these blankets serve as comfort items. Their soft interior made of fleece and plush materials becomes familiar to your little ones. 

Ensure they are durable enough to get your child through their early years.

Once infants learn to walk, they might enjoy carrying them anywhere.

Today, several adults recall being tucked in a security blanket and cherish it as a childhood memory.

It implies security blankets have been around for quite some time now.

#3 Swaddling Blanket

These comforting blankets are similar to security blankets. However, they come with special buttons or arrangements that help to swaddle the baby.

It keeps the baby relaxed and helps them stay enveloped, similar to the arrangement in the womb.

They come with different attachments that help in easy swaddling.

Few models also include convenience by keeping the baby swaddled on top and allowing access to diaper changing.

These blankets keep them cozy and comfortable when they sleep.

#4 Crib Blanket

Among all the blanket types, this is the most casual blanket. Cribs have several bedding options to choose from to comfort your baby.

So, these blankets are not a top priority for many parents.

Also, safety is a concern here as it is not safe to use a blanket with a sleeping baby in the crib. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds Of Baby Blankets Are Available In The Market?

Baby blankets come in different types of fabric, colors, sizes, and shapes.

They come with stuffed animals, embroidery, or exciting patterns in vivid to pastel colors.

Your baby begins recognizing these blankets as they grow. So, these blankets need to be comfortable and durable.

What Is The Use Of A Baby Blanket?

Baby blankets are small blankets that are soft, comfortable, and made of baby skin-friendly material. They help in keeping your baby warm and safe. 

What Are The Safety Concerns Related To Baby Blankets?

Babies, after certain months, roll over by themselves in their sleep. So, it is not safe to keep any plush blankets around them until 1 year.

Doing so prevents accidentally getting your baby wrapped up in the sheet or stuck under it.

Blanket material should be soft on the baby’s highly sensitive skin.

As most materials soft to adults are still abrasive on a baby’s skin, extra care is necessary for choosing fabrics.

Natural fabrics with a smooth texture are easier on their skin, whereas synthetic fabrics such as polyester, even though smooth, cause allergies.


Nothing beats the baby blanket as a gift to a newborn because it is something every baby can use.

Handmade with love, every strand of the blanket speaks warmth and comforts the baby to another level.

As you now know, what size is a crochet baby blanket? Stop wondering and start crocheting.

A crochet blanket is special as you weave your love into every thread.

Unlike a fabric blanket, you control many aspects of the blanket since you get to create it from the component level.


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