What To Do With Old Stuffed Animals
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What To Do With Old Stuffed Animals

Ever wondered what to do with old stuffed animals?

If yours is a household that has a few recently grown kids not too old, though, your lounge area is bound to be overwhelmed with the plush goodness of stuffed toys.

Your child’s stuffed animals are not just their friends but yours too as you see them around the house, watch them and keep them well.

Parting with them may be hard but essential so your child can welcome new toys and goodies in the house without it being much of a cleaning fuss for you. 

What to Do with Old Stuffed Animals? 

As difficult as it may be for your child to part with his old stuffed animals, it won’t be easy for you either; you have watched them with your babies every day. 

If it’s been years since you have been collecting stuffed animals, it’s time to eliminate some of them and declutter your space for the new ones.

If you haven’t decided what to do with your old stuffed animals, this article is for you. 

Since it is often believed that such toys and stuffed animals, after being played for so long by humans, come to life when no one’s looking so you just can’t simply throw them away. 

There are ways that you can get rid of them without having to be brutal to something you almost treated as a friend.

Don’t let your stuffed animals end up in landfills, instead pass them on and help them find a new home. 

This article is all about effectively getting rid of the old mess of toys and stuffed animals you have and giving them to someone who will fondly play and welcome them in their homes. 

1. Turn It into A Game 

It is very simple. You just have to involve your children as much as you can in the process of paring down.

This will help bring about the realization and learn the sense of belongingness with a particular object. 

If you explain to them how great a cause of donation is, they will be excited to join you in that process.

In addition, the idea that charity will bring smiles and happiness to many children will inspire your children to be part of giving away their toys happily rather than being upset about it. 

Tell your kid to count how many toys he is ready to part with; it will teach him the lesson of sharing and kindness. 

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2. Identify and Understand What Needs Mending

Before you are going in to collect whatever your child doesn’t need from the old stuffed animals, it is essential to check and understand the condition of each one of them before sending them away. 

First, try to understand which toys are still in good condition to be used and passed on.

Once you have done that, separate such toys from the ones that are dirty or broken. 

If you think one of the damaged toys can be fixed and your child might ask for it one day, you must keep it to get it fixed. 

Any toy that’s beyond repair should be directly sent to the trash, hence freeing your space. 

3. Decisions 

Making a decision about what to do with your toys is an important one.

You should keep your research strong; you should know exactly which organization you want to donate your stuff to. 

Places such as local thrift shops, local shelters, hospitals, pre-school, or churches will have to be inquired about for their need for stuffed animals at their premises.

Beforehand, just check what a particular organization does when donating your child’s toys and belongings.

Except hospitals won’t accept the toys from you because they want to brand new toys for sanitary reasons. 


What to Do with Old Stuffed Animals? 

If you want to be part of the bigger cause, you must always donate toys to the charity to help less fortunate children prevent waste.

The idea of going over your toys is not just getting rid of them but also choosing to pass them on silently. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Dispose of Old Stuffed Animals? 

If you finally want to get rid of the old stuffed animals, just see if they are in fine shape, you can give them to a pet shelter. Animals love them. 

What Do You Do with Stuffed Animals You Don’t Want? 

It may be just time to pass on all the toys and stuffed animals to an orphanage or an institution.

However, if you can decide what organization you would like to donate your games, stuffed animals, and toys to, it would be a lot of help. 

What Do I Do with Old Teddy Bears? 

You can either donate to a pet shelter or emergency services. Make a teddy bear backpack, and it will be liked and picked by most people immediately. 

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