What To Expect When Your Wife Is Expecting

What To Expect When Your Wife Is Expecting – 4 Crucial Tips

Many husbands need to answer the question, “What To Expect When Your Wife Is Expecting!”

So you just found out that your wife is pregnant, now what?

Before you break out the confetti and tell everyone you know, it’s time to take a step back and assess your situation.

As you know, your life has suddenly changed, and the next nine months will be something you should be ready for.

Here’s what to expect when your wife is expecting.

What To Expect When Your Wife Is Expecting

While many books, movies, and series revolve around this, it can be too much to process everything at once.

However, some of the things you should definitely expect when your wife is pregnant include:

1. Mood swings

During pregnancy, there are lots of hormones coursing through your wife’s body at any given time.

It means that she might be happy one second, sad the next, and get irrationally angry over the smallest thing.

2. Food cravings

Pregnancy food cravings can be weird and very hard to predict.

Your wife may ask you to cook or get her something rare and refuse to eat anything else.

She may also get it and decide to eat something else on a whim.

3. Pregnancy fog

Also known as pregnancy brain, your wife is likely to become very forgetful in the coming months.

Try not to take it personally when she can’t remember something you said five minutes ago or calls you and forgets what she wanted to tell you.

4. Nausea and tiredness

There’s a whole other human being growing inside your wife’s body, so don’t expect her to be at 100%.

For one, she may experience morning sickness for quite some time.

Her energy levels will also be very low, and she may not be able to do much other than lie in bed.

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How you can help your wife when expecting

As a dutiful husband, you may want to do a lot to help out your wife during pregnancy.

However, some gestures are unnecessary, like constantly hovering around her.

Most mother-to-be wouldn’t like that, so take her cue on how involved she wants you to be in the pregnancy.

In the meantime, ensure that you make things as easy as possible by helping in the house.

If you had planned to get the baby’s room ready together, ask for her opinion but get the work done independently.

You can even hire someone if you can’t do everything yourself.

You should also read up on all the things that your wife is going through so that you are armed with helpful information whenever you need it.

With all the changes that her body is going through, your wife is probably not feeling like herself.

Make sure that you always tell her how beautiful you find her and get her gifts once in a while for no particular reason.

Pregnancy might technically be a woman’s affair, but that doesn’t mean a man can’t be involved.

Knowing what to expect when your wife expects will help you make this magical but scary time so much easier for her.

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