What To Say at Parent Teacher Conferences

What To Say at Parent Teacher Conferences

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Are you also confused about what to say at parent teacher conferences?

When I started working as a teacher, I felt parent teacher conferences were really annoying.

But then teaching the little ones and communicating with them brings confidence in you.

So I have several suggestions about how to react in a parent teacher conference. 

What To Say at Parent Teacher Conferences

Obviously, when you’ve been teaching kids for quite some time, you get to know each one of them better. So, what to say at parent teacher conferences?

Show the parents that you know their kid very well.

This is because when parents get their child enrolled in preschool or kindergarten, they like to know how their kid is doing. 

Share your experience with the kid and how well his performance has been.

For example, you can tell them that he eats his meals well or how well-behaved he is in your class. This really means a lot for parents!

The next step is to clarify the child’s growth or performance in the class. This is the next important thing that the parents would like to know.

Show the parents how amazingly their kid performs in the class, whether he’s very active or requires some improvements.

Be clear with them about the performance of their kid.

What if you don’t remember what to say at parent teacher conferences? 

Well, if you have trouble memorizing the details of every child, you can prepare notes for yourself.

Conference notes will help you explain the child’s health in academics and extracurriculars.

Show Them Their Child’s Growth

The main purpose of a parent teacher conference is to inform the parents about their child’s growth.

Present your views on how the child is performing academically and socially. 

Give them feedback about their kid. For example, tell them that their kid is timid and quite distracted in the class. If he needs improvement, don’t be vague about it.

Sharing an anecdote of your experience with the kid will pacify the parents.

However, do inform them that their child is always the first one to answer in an ongoing class.

Apart from the academic growth, you must also inform the parents about their performance in co-curricular.

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Always Start with Positive Thoughts

It is great to start complaining about a kid in your first interaction with the parents. Start with informing them of good things that their kid does in the class.

For example, he answers well in class, or he is very interested in music.

This will calm down the terrified parents a bit, and they would be keen to learn more about their kids.

Notify them about their child’s behavior with the rest of the class.

For example, if he’s a good team player or leader, bring this information to the parent’s notice. 

Later on, you can define the challenges that their child is facing.

Preparing Notes for Yourself

As a teacher, I understand how hard it is to memorize each child’s information. So, it’s better if you go to the meeting with pre-prepared conference notes.

While you’re teaching, every teacher makes notes on every kid’s performance in their class. You can show those reports/notes to the parents.

Show the parents various assignments completed by the student. Tell them that he’s really creative and is making progress with time. 

You can prepare worksheets on the kid’s behavioral and social aspects. Then, refer to those sheets during the parent teacher conferences.


I hope now you’ve got some idea what to say at parent teacher conferences. If the kid isn’t responding well in the class, be clear about this to his parents.

It is essential that you present some positive thoughts both in the beginning and in the ending.

Let them know that you will take good care of the child’s growth under your guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Make a Successful Parent Teacher Conference?

Well, the best way to do that is to begin the conference on a positive note.

First, you should be absolutely clear about the kid’s performance in the school.

Then, inform the parents about the challenges their kid is facing in the class and where improvement is required.

What Do Parents Want to Hear from Teachers?

The purpose of a parent teacher conference is to keep the parents informed about their child’s growth in the school.

Parents are usually tensed about how will kid will behave in school for the first time. 

So, all they want to hear is about their child’s performance. They mostly desire to hear positive things about their kid.

How Should You Always Begin a Parent Teacher Conference?

You must know that parents come to the parent teacher conference a little tense. They’re worried about how their kid is behaving in school. 

So, it’s best if you begin with positive comments about their child. Tell them how hard-working and creative their kid is!


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