What To Wear In Labor

What To Wear In Labor

A pregnant mom usually wonders what to wear in labor. Whether a hospital gown will do or you’ll have to buy one.

In the process of choosing clothes for your newborn, you forget about your own clothing.

Here are a few options that you can choose from to decide your clothing for wearing during labor.

What To Wear In Labor?

First of all, remember that you should wear something that is comfortable. When you’re in labor, you must wear loose clothes so that the delivery goes smoothly.

One option is to wear the gown provided by the hospital. Hospital gowns are a convenient option in case you don’t want to buy one. 

However, if you feel that hospital gowns are unhygienic and annoying, it’s best to buy a gown of your own.

The gowns which are tailor-made for deliveries are a good option. 

Have you ever heard of birthing wraps? Birthing wraps are comfortable and allow easy movements.

They come in a lot of designs, so if you want to have a photoshoot with your baby during birth, it’s the best option.

Some moms may prefer to wear comfortable clothing of their own—for example, a loose gown or a dress.

Obviously, your own clothes would be more comfortable than the gown provided by a hospital.

Make sure that you wear cotton undergarments that are made explicitly for pregnancy.

Try to avoid strappy material and netted undergarments as they’re highly uncomfortable.

You can also wear a loose t-shirt along with a sports bra. This will facilitate manageable contractions during labor birth.

Now you won’t have to spend hours researching what to wear in labor.

Wear A Hospital Gown

So, what to wear in labor? As said earlier, hospital gowns are pretty comfortable, and you wouldn’t need to buy a gown of your own.

They’re good enough and provide good support to all women.

Most women wear hospital gowns during labor birth as they’re quite loose and convenient. 

You even don’t have to worry about the gown getting dirty and spending hours washing it.

If it gets dirty, the hospital will provide you a replacement gown as well.

Hospital gowns provide easy access to labor birth and also make it easier for the doctors to take tests.

Feeding the baby also gets easier with these specifically-designed gowns.

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Buy Your Own Gown

Wearing something loose and comfortable is essential during labor birth. Tight-fitting clothes may not be easily accessible for childbirth.

If you feel that hospital gowns are disgusting, you have the option of buying your own gown.

Not only gowns, but also you can wear a loose t-shirt and PJs along with cotton undergarments. 

Birthing gowns are almost similar to hospital gowns. The only difference is that birthing gowns come in a variety of designs.

Therefore, you can arrange for a photoshoot with your baby.

Some gowns come with zippers to allow you to feed your newborn. Isn’t that awesome?

Other Tips To Follow While In Labor

Once you’re done selecting your clothing, it’s time to know what else you need to be comfortable while in labor. 

You need to make your hair comfortable. For example, you can make a simple ponytail or a bun.

Make sure that your hair does not disturb your face. Consider using a hairband for that purpose. 

Do not wear harsh undergarments; they might result in rashes. Consider wearing old underwear because it may get ruined when the water breaks.

For this purpose, cotton undergarments are more than reliable.

You can also take a nightgown to the hospital if it is comfortable enough. 


Apart from considering the baby’s needs, you must always pay attention to your own needs.

Picking clothes for the labor birth is important as tight-fitting clothes may not allow easy access for labor birth.

You obviously want to be as comfortable as possible during childbirth.

Therefore, your priority should be selecting what to wear in labor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do You Have To Wear A Hospital Gown During Labor?

It is not necessary that you wear the gown provided by the hospital.

You may purchase a loose gown for you or take other loose clothing along with you. A loose t-shirt along with shorts or a PJ will also do.

Do You Wear Clothes While Giving Birth?

It is absolutely safe and comfortable to wear clothes while giving birth.

But make sure that whatever you wear should be loose enough to provide easy access for labor birth.

Cotton gowns, along with cotton undergarments, are an excellent choice.

Can I Wear A Bra During Labor?

Of course, you can wear a bra during labor. Forget the strappy and netted bras and switch to cotton briefs when nearing the date of childbirth.

Some women prefer wearing sports bras during labor. A cotton bra along with a birthing gown is the best combination during labor birth.

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