What to Wear Postpartum
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What to Wear Postpartum?

It’s strange that I still remember the time I returned home after giving birth. I was so confused about what to wear postpartum.

Most women do not know what type of supportive clothes to wear after giving birth. I researched for some stuff on what to wear.

In this article, I’ll share the same with you to avoid unprepared, just like me.

What To Wear Postpartum?

Apart from your baby’s needs, you also need to devote some time to redo your wardrobe.

You might’ve heard that after giving birth, the mother’s weight increases.

The measurements of your body parts like the breasts, torso, and hips experience a change. Let me help you a bit in choosing what to wear postpartum.

A loose t-shirt/shirt dress is a lot easier to carry and comfortable to wear. But make sure that it is either loose or oversized.

Otherwise, it will be discomforting. Most importantly, don’t spend too much on postpartum clothes as it just a temporary situation.

Also, your sizes keep changing constantly. Well-fitted jeans or pants are an excellent option to wear postpartum, along with a t-shirt. 

Time to select the perfect underwear for you. This part is essential as you may experience some leakage from breasts during the earlier stages.

Replace your lacey panties with cotton ones. Cotton panties are breathable enough and provide full coverage. 

Nursing pads can save you from the embarrassment of wet patches around your breasts.

Hence, investing in good-quality and absorbing nursing pads won’t do any harm. Some women may experience an increase in breast size postpartum. 

Therefore, seamless bras are perfect for this time.

Tops And Bottoms

As you have to feed your baby at all times, choose loose tops for you. Loose and oversized dresses are also an excellent option.

You can find yourself flowy tops and nursing tops that are not so expensive. 

Coming to the bottoms, don’t wear the jeans you were wearing before getting pregnant.

I still remember buying maternity jeans for me when someone recommended them. They’re flawless and perfect for postpartum. 

Leggings can also be your best friend at this time. They’re stretchable and comfortable enough around your waist.

The point is that you do not put on tight clothes affecting your skin.


Choosing the right type of underwear for postpartum is very important. Breast leakages are pretty common during the earlier stages.

You wouldn’t want wet patches around your breast area. 

Therefore, invest your money in nursing pads and seamless bras. Seamless bras are perfect for a postpartum woman as they can take up multiple cup sizes.

All your body needs during postpartum is a comfort. Hence, switch to cotton panties.

They’re comfortable and give you full coverage. Don’t spend too much on cotton panties if you won’t be wearing them forever (even after postpartum).

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Other Important Tips

I wish someone had recommended to me what to wear postpartum during my first pregnancy.

As I gave birth during the winter season, I felt a relax-fitting cardigan to be a great option.

I also purchased a few loose-knit sweaters that would have easy access (to feed the baby). 

Some women’s bellies bulge out after giving birth to the baby. If this happens with you, invest in a good-quality belly belt.

It is comfortable to be worn day and night. Comfortably fitting around your belly, the belt will help keep your belly in good shape.


Taking care of both your baby and you postpartum is essential. And now you know what to wear postpartum.

Don’t spend a lot of money on clothes if you don’t plan on wearing them afterward.

Usually, mothers spend too much time taking care of the baby and not themselves.

Purchase the necessary innerwear as you should not neglect yourself. It’s good to spare some time for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Can I Wear To Hide My Postpartum Belly?

Well, there’re quite a lot of options for that. Wear something loose like oversized shirts, sweaters, loose dresses, maxi dresses, etc.

Choose dark-colored clothes for yourself. Apart from that, you can purchase a belly belt that is specifically designed for postpartum moms.

These belts will hold your belly in shape and also help in resizing your belly back to normal.

Can I Wear Leggings After Birth?

Wearing leggings postpartum is considered to be a good option. It is stretchy and breathable.

In the summer months, you can wear a loose t-shirt along with leggings. As for winters, I would suggest joggers, leggings along with a hoodie or a cardigan.

When Should I Wear A Postpartum Belly Belt?

A postpartum belt is highly recommended when you have a normal delivery. Wearing the belly belt for at least six months is suggested.

It is never too late to wear a belt. Even if you haven’t worn it immediately after delivery, you can wear it 15-20 days later.

Remember that if you undergo an operation, then wait for the wound to heal and then wear the belt.

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