When Can Babies Eat Yoghurt Melts
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When Can Babies Eat Yoghurt Melts

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When can babies eat yoghurt melts is a top query for many parents.

A new phase of infants begins after they turn six months of age. Parents are really excited about developing their baby’s taste by feeding them delicious foods. 

But, it’s better if you choose to feed liquid foods to your baby in the beginning. 

So, when can babies eat yogurt melts? Keep reading to find more about this.

When Can Babies Eat Yoghurt Melts

Yogurt melts are the most common liquid foods to experiment with your infant. However, it is too soon for the baby to start feeding on solid food directly.

So, when can babies eat yogurt melts?

When the baby is about 7-8 months old, you may start feeding him yogurt melts. It is a safer food and, believe me, and your infant is going to love the taste.

Apart from being tasty, yogurt melts are also considered to be extremely healthy. Avoid adding excess sugar to the yogurt melt. 

The time when you have to introduce solid foods to your infant is very crucial. Parents are generally confused during this stage.

What food is safe for their little one. How to introduce solid foods to your kid.

Introducing your kid to new foods can be fun! Looking at your kid’s funny faces will give you extreme joy.

Yogurt being sour in taste, your kid will surely make a funny expression worth capturing.

You must introduce your baby to yogurt melts during his first year. It is a healthy meal and will melt in your baby’s mouth.

So, you won’t have to worry whether the baby will be able to chew his food or not.

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1. When Should The Baby Eat Solid Foods?

An infant is on a strict ‘milk only’ diet till six months of age. So, there’s no chance of introducing them to solid foods before six months. 

When the time comes, start with soft solid foods first. They basically include cereals, yogurt melts, etc. 

Now, when can babies eat yogurt melts?

Soft solid foods can be introduced immediately after the baby turns six months of age. But it is suggested that you should wait for at least seven months.

Till then, the baby will start developing some taste and would love whatever you feed him. Also, his digestive system will have matured a little by then.

2. How Good Is Yogurt Melts For The Baby?

Yogurt melts have proven their worth over the years. They are a good and healthy snack for the baby. 

Yogurt melts are fed to the babies before introducing them to solid foods. These melts will ease your baby’s soft gums. 

Another good thing about yogurt melts is that that they are sugar-free.

But, of course, you already know that babies shouldn’t be introduced to excess sugar and salt in the early stages of their infancy.

Adding a tinge of honey in the yogurt melts is considered good.

Honey will improve the sour taste of the melts, and hence, your baby will start developing a taste for little drops of this healthy snack.

3. Can Yogurt Melts Result In Choking?

A smart question, though. But yes, babies might choke on yogurt melts. The reason is that their system isn’t fully developed yet.

So they’ve to learn to eat and digest their food. 

Children under the age of 4 usually choke on their feed, be it soft solids or solids. For example, when you first feed yogurt melts to the baby, he may choke.

It is a new item for the baby, and he doesn’t know how to eat that as yet. 

To prevent your baby from choking, you must not feed him while playing or in the car. Instead, be sure that you feed tiny pieces to your infant.


In my experience, yogurt melts are delicious and a healthy snack for your little one. But when can babies eat yogurt melts?

Do not feed your infant yogurt melts until he is 7-8 months old. Then, it is the perfect time to introduce them to these little healthy snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Baby Yogurt Melts Safe?

A simple answer to this question is yes. Yogurt melts are safe and healthy for the baby. It comes under the category of soft solid foods.

Therefore, it is good to introduce your babies to soft solid foods like yogurt melts before feeding them solid foods.

What Kind Of Yogurt Should I Give My 6-Month-Old?

Instead of feeding the baby yogurt directly, you may choose to start with yogurt melts. As the name suggests, they melt with extreme ease in the mouth.

So, a developing baby will find yogurt melts easily to consume and digest.

Can My 5-Month-Old Infant Eat Yogurt Melts?

Well, that’s a NO! Babies are strictly on a milk-only diet till six months of age. After that, they shouldn’t be fed anything except breastmilk or formula.

So, don’t even think of trying yogurt melts with your 5-month-old infant. He may not be able to digest it and ultimately get sick.

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