When Can Baby Sleep with Lovey
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When Can Baby Sleep with Lovey

Is your child starting to bond with his lovey? Do you also want to know when you can sleep with lovey? 

Kids love cuddling with their lovey all the time. But is it the right time to let him sleep with his lovey? Let’s learn more about the baby’s bonding with his lovey.

When Can Baby Sleep with Lovey?

Not many people in the world apply the concept of a lovey to their newborns.

Instead, they’re most probably afraid of letting their little one sleep alone (of course with his lovey). 

Well, they’re missing a huge opportunity here. These assuring non-living friends actually help the baby develop confidence.

He will no longer be afraid of sleeping alone or crying at midnight.

So, when can the baby sleep with lovey?

Well, as the child turns one, you can introduce him to handy stuffed animals or a small blanket. Then, give him some time to begin bonding with his lovey.

I’m sure when he grows bigger, he’ll come and ask you, “Mama, where is my Stella (lovey)?”

Even when the infant becomes a teenager, he won’t forget the bond he’d developed with that non-living creature.

Once a child has bonded with his lovey, make sure that you do not lose it. If your naughty monkey loses his lovey, he may trouble you all day.

Therefore, you must be clever enough to have a backup. 

Always purchase at least 2-3 stuffed animals or a blankie for your toddler.

It’s better that you launder the lovey every 2-3 weeks and replace it with another one. 

Let your baby crawl in his crib with his lovey!

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1. Why Babies Love Loveys?

Well, that is quite simple. Parents can’t spend all the time in the world with their little one. So, it is okay during these days. But what about the nights?

Little children tend to trouble their mama a lot by crying and waking up at night. Lovey is a lifesaver in such situations!

When your toddler becomes familiar with his lovey, he will not eat or sleep with it. Isn’t it good?

You won’t have to worry about feeding your baby (for babies who are pretty obstinate).

When the parents aren’t around, babies with loveys don’t feel scared. Instead, they feel safe and secure with their loveys around them.

2. How To Introduce A Lovey?

Newborns mostly cling to their parents all the time. Your kid is still very small when you introduce him to a lovey.

His ability to understand things clearly hasn’t fully developed yet.

Hence, make sure that the lovey smells like either of the parents. Then, you can either use your perfume on the lovey or hold it for at least an hour before introducing your baby to it.

The scent is used to create an illusion that you’re around him.

The lovey should be a part of your child’s daily routine and not a one-time thing. Hence, let the lovey sleep beside your kid every night.

3. Why Should You Have A Lovey?

Ask yourself, ‘Does your kid need a lovey?’ Well, parents can’t be with their kids at all times. 

A lovey would help calm your baby and make him feel secure. So, whenever you’re going to work, your kid won’t be crying like hell!

If you’re leaving your kid alone in his crib, he might try to sneak out. But when he has a lovey with him, he won’t try such sneaking-out stunts at all. 

So, when can the baby sleep with lovey?

Lovey is most relieving during the nights. With a lovey alongside, your 1-year-old kid won’t wake up and call his mama again and again.


Isn’t lovey an excellent tool for your kid’s happiness? Now you know when a baby can sleep with a lovey.

Make sure that your kid bonds with the lovey well. Always keep a backup of the lovey with you.

After all, lovey is really a relief for both panicking mamas and crying babies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can A 5-Month-Old Sleep With A Lovey?

If you ask me, you should wait for at least a year to introduce your little one to a lovey.

Then, a 5-month-old won’t even recognize the lovey and be familiarized with it. But, mind it, a 5-month-old would never sleep with a lovey because he doesn’t even understand what it is.

At What Age Can A Baby Sleep With A Cuddle Toy?

You may introduce your kid to a cuddle toy or a lovey after he’s one year old. Till that time, he will be able to recognize things in his surroundings.

He will be able to bond with his parents and with the lovey.

How Do You Introduce A 7-Month-Old To A Lovey?

Putting the stuffed toy or the blankie in your kid’s hands is the best way.

Make the lovey smell like you or your husband so that the baby feels your presence around him. 

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