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When Can Baby Use Exersaucer? 3 Useful Tips

Learning when can baby use exersaucer is important. Taking care of a baby should be a joy, but it can sometimes feel like a never-ending job.

Between playing with them, feeding them, and watching over their every move, babies are a lot of work.

It is important to take a break once in a while, and that’s where an exersaucer comes in.

Still, an exersaucer can be a source of controversy about whether it’s ideal for your little angel.

For example, some pediatric therapists don’t recommend toddlers using an exersaucer, and on the other hand, some parents and caregivers highly acclaim the essence of having an exersaucer.

So, what is this, and when can baby use an exersaucer? Keep reading to find out everything you need to make an informed decision. 

What is an exersaucer?

An exersaucer is an updated form of a baby walker that does not come with wheels and stays in one place instead.

They also come with different types of plastic toys attached and a saucer-shaped bottom for the baby to sit. 

Exersaucers are good for babies to play in as they can try out the toys, push buttons to activate sound and music, and learn new skills as they rock in place.

They are great solitary play structures for babies and give mothers and caregivers a much-needed break. 

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When can baby use exersaucer?

Akin to most baby products, exersaucers come with age recommendations.

Exersaucers may be great, but they may limit your baby’s development when used too soon or too often.

Once the baby is developmentally ready, exersaucer’s can help build core strength and balance skills. 

The best time to start using it is when the baby is at least four months old and able to hold their head up on their own.

Also, it’s vital not to use an exersaucer until your little one can sit on their own. That is, without using arms for support.

They should also be moving around and standing up on their own in the crib or on furniture.

The limited movement inside an exersaucer can cause them not to develop important life milestones.

In addition, toddlers in an exersaucer are primarily seated at an awkward angle since the exersaucer’s seats aren’t designed to support babies fully.

As such, an exersaucer might somehow inhibit certain developmental milestones.

This is especially critical for exersaucers designed for younger babies.

For example, infants may not support their weight in the exersaucer seat, consequently being unable to keep their heads up and straight.

Again, this can have detrimental effects on your little one’s well-being as they come of age.  

Summing it up, until they are standing up on their own, your baby’s small muscles, feet and legs ligaments, and bones, are not ready to support the weight.

That means your baby needs to be using an exersaucer. 

We list down some of the best times to let your baby use an exercauser:

1. 4-6 Months

Ideally, you can let your baby use an exersaucer once he is already able to sit down on his own. And this will usually happen between 4 to 6 months. 

You may be tempted to let your little one play in the exersaucer so you can tend to other things. 

Unfortunately, you have to remember to let your baby ease into the exersaucer first before leaving him to play on his one. 

Once your baby starts sitting down on his own, acquaint him with the exersaucer and the toys attached to it. 

You can detach the toys from the exersaucer so that he knows what toys he can play with. 

2. 6-7 Months

By 7 months, your baby should already be able to sit without support. But this is not always the case. 

If your baby is still unable to sit on his own, let him sit near the exersaucer. Don’t be pressured to put your baby into the activity center, especially if he still cannot sit on his own. 

Once your baby is able to sit on his own, however, you can start introducing him to the toy. 

When standing in the middle of the exersaucer, make sure that your baby is following the right posture. You can also place a flat pillow under his feet. This will act as a cushion against the hard surface once he starts jumping. 

3. 6-10 Months

An exersaucer is helpful in letting your baby learn how to stand on his own. It is not somewhere you can dump your baby and forget about him for a few minutes. 

This is why you should always keep a close eye on your baby while playing with the exersaucer. 

As soon as your baby starts to learn how to stand, you can let him stand on the edge of the toy. Remember to keep a close eye on your baby so you can avoid him hitting the floor. 

Are exersaucers bad for babies? 

There are several things that you should keep in mind when using an exersaucer for your baby. It includes:

  1. Make sure that your baby’s feet touch the base of the floor below the exersaucer. Your baby should not be dangling or bear all their weight on their toes as this will put pressure on their ligaments and cause future developmental problems. If the baby’s feet don’t touch the floor, you can put a book under the exersaucer.
  2. When playing, babies should be as mobile as possible. Therefore, make sure that you don’t leave your baby for more than twenty minutes every time they are using the exersaucer. Also, even though exersaucer’s are safer than baby walkers, you should keep an eye on your baby at all times in case they find a way out.
  3. Playing with babies when they are using the exersaucer is good for their development. You can also read a book or talk to them.
  4. Be sure to place the exersaucer on a flat, even floor away from any potential hazards like open flames, stairs, and swimming pools.

1. Time Limit For Using an Exersaucer

It may be tempting to leave your baby in the exersaucer for hours so you can attend to other things at home. 

Unfortunately, you should limit his playtime at the exersaucer to around 20 minutes. 

Once that time is up, you can let him try other enjoyable activities. 

And when you start noticing that your baby is able to stand on his own, you can start weaning your baby out of the exersaucer.

2. When To Take The Exersaucer Away

As far-fetched as it seems, your little one will outgrow the exersaucer and not want to play with it any longer.

Of course, such a turn of events varies with every child.

However, in most cases, toddlers outgrow the urge to use an exersaucer before or after their first birthday.

Also, at this age, babies don’t necessarily require an exersaucer. 

When your little one can walk on their own, the exersaucer somehow becomes a hindrance for them to fully utilize and explore their newly learned milestone.

Therefore, it’s essential to pull the exersaucer away when you notice your baby is trying to make those steps on their own. 


Like most parents wondering when can baby use an exersaucer, you may get a lot of conflicting information from other mothers around you.

However, having the right information will help you to determine what’s best for you and your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Baby Jumpers Bad For Babies?

Ideally, and as most pediatricians recommend, baby jumpers are not safe for infants.

They are not beneficial to the development of your baby.

On the other hand, baby jumpers come in handy when parents want to keep the baby playful and engaged as they carry on with other tasks.

Still, it would be best if your baby didn’t leave your little one in the jumper for more than 15 minutes and twice a day.

Spending too much time on the baby jumper can delay motor development.

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Should Baby Feet Be Flat in Exersaucer?

As already outlined, your baby should use an exersaucer only if they can hold their head up and have upper body strength.

Also, it’s vital if your little one can maintain their feet on the floor.

If you notice your baby struggles to push up on their toes or are arching their back, it would be best to stop using the exersaucer.

Still, need to know more? Learn When Can Baby Use Exersaucer with this short video below:

What Age Can a Baby Go In a Jumperoo?

A jumperoo is ideal until your baby can sit on their own. Preferably, the ideal time to use a jumperoo is 4-5 months.

Still, it would be best to ensure your little one can hold their head without any support and they don’t spend more than 15 minutes in a jumperoo at a time.

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