When Can I Paint My Baby's Toenails
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When Can I Paint My Baby’s Toenails

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When can I paint my baby’s toenails is a top sought query in the parenting realm. 

It can be difficult to resist painting your child’s nails with nail polish when you have a beautiful little girl in your arms.

However, there are a few things parents should think about before painting their newborn or toddler’s fingers and toenails.

According to a preliminary study, regular nail paint, especially those branded “Toxin-Free,” can be harmful and represent a risk to one’s health.

Applying nail paint to a baby’s toenails and fingernails is fun.

Baby nail polish is charming, and many mothers enjoy matching their tiny ones’ nails on important occasions.

However, if nail polish is safe for babies and whether there are nail polishes specifically for babies should be addressed. 

It is best to use non-toxic and safe nail paints. The majority of adult nail polishes and paints may contain dangerous chemicals for children.

Parents frequently wonder whether or not they should use nail paints on their children. Will it have any negative consequences on their children?

Read on to learn about the safety of baby nail polish, the appropriate age for using it, and the dos and don’ts of using it.

Is it that horrible to paint your baby’s nails? Continue reading to find out more. Get answers for when can I paint my baby’s toenails?

When Can I Paint My Baby’s Toenails?

It may appear that painting your baby’s or toddler’s fingernails and toenails is a pleasurable activity.

On their fingernails or toenails, bright nail polish would be adorable. But don’t you think you should check to see if painting your child’s nails is completely safe?

While many nail polish companies employ safe ingredients, you’ll want to know if they’re safe to put on your child’s nails as a mother.

Based on the ingredients in the nail paint, the answer is no. The presence of chemicals in nail polish can harm babies, which is a big source of concern for parents. 

Despite the lack of evidence linking nail polish to health problems such as respiratory disease or cancer, babies frequently put their fingers or toes in their mouths.

It’s better not to use nail paint on a baby because it’s unclear how this type of exposure can hurt him.

However, some producers make water-based nail polishes free of dangerous ingredients. You can use these to paint your baby’s nails on occasion.

The components in nail polish determine its safety for newborns.

Standard nail polish may contain hazardous compounds like toluene, which can cause various disorders, including nervous system difficulties.

Plasticizers, hardening agents, and solvents are other potentially dangerous components present.

1. When Is the Right Time to Paint My Baby’s Fingernails?

After the infant has passed the sucking thumbs and fingers stage, you can paint their fingernails.

It unintentionally lowers the chances of nail polish getting into your child’s system. Between two and four years, thumb and finger sucking normally ceases. 

Also, toddlers between these ages are more likely to understand instructions and, as a result, can realize that nail polish is for external use.

As a result, it’s best to hold off on painting your baby’s nails until they reach the age of two.

2. Chemicals In Nail Polish That Could Be Harmful to Your Baby 

Nail polish for adults may include various toxic substances. The following are some most common potentially hazardous compounds found in food.

  • In nail polishes, toluene is the most widely used solvent and stabilizer. Toluene exposure over time can cause respiratory problems, nervous system diseases, and developmental problems. Even very small concentrations of the chemical can cause headaches and dizziness.


  • DBP (dibutyl phthalate) is an odorless emulsifying chemical that ensures the nail polish’s flowing fluidity. It is known to be carcinogenic, and long-term exposure may raise the risk of liver and kidney disease. It also causes problems with reproduction. Several governments have banned the substance.

3. Painting Your Baby’s Nails: Dos and Don’ts

If you do decide to paint your baby’s nails, keep the following points in mind:


  • Do your best to imitate the application of nail polish on your child’s fingernails. If he wants some when you’re painting your nails, dry the tip and fake paint it.
  • In the beginning, go with lighter or transparent colors.
  • Since toes are tougher to reach and nibble, paint your baby’s toenails rather than fingernails.
  • Make sure you perform it outside, so the solvent fumes don’t stay long enough for them to inhale.
  • Remove any clothing that has to be kept clean. Remove them from your kid because he will most likely wipe some paint on them.


  • Keep all nail polish out of the reach of your child.
  • Paint only the margins of the nail so that it does not come into touch with the skin.
  • Don’t tell him where you keep your colors.

4. Is Nail Polish Safe for Toddlers and Babies?

A variety of compounds, some of which are endocrine disruptors, can be found in nail polish. Because a baby’s system is still developing, these substances can be dangerous.

When babies learn about the world around them, they often begin by chewing on their hands. They may swallow some nail polish bits as a result of this.

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Now, in the end, you might have an idea of when you can paint your baby’s toenails. Putting nail paint might look simply, but there is much more in store for them in reality. 

Better talk to your doctor about whether or not you should paint your baby’s fingernails or toenails.

You can go ahead and do it if they say yes. However, don’t make painting your baby’s nails a habit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Baby’s Nail Paint Not Stay On?

For babies, water-based nail lacquer tends to chip more quickly than adults’ traditional nail polish.

Furthermore, children are active and unconcerned about their painted nails. As a result, the paint may not last long and may peel off.

Is It Possible for Babies to Visit Nail Salons?

You can take your child to a salon specializing in infant nail painting. Nail paints and other cosmetics are not suitable for babies and toddlers.

If you enjoy seeing your child’s nails painted, make sure the nail polish you choose is devoid of harmful chemicals. In the market, there are several baby-friendly nail paint brands.

Is It Safe for Babies to Use Pig Paint?

Piggy Paint’s non-toxic, water-based nail paints are safe for babies, children, and pregnant and nursing mothers.

You might believe that applying nail paint exclusively to their toes can keep them out of the baby’s mouth.

However, as most mothers can attest, those little tootsies will eventually reach the lips.

The next thing to remember is to look after your nails. If you choose to use nail paint, ensure it dries before allowing your child to touch your fingers.



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