When Do Babies Get Eyelashes
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When Do Babies Get Eyelashes?

It is not hard to hear parents asking questions like when do babies get eyelashes. 

Truth be told, we always fuss over our little ones, watching every milestone of their growth.

Even when they are still in the womb, a part of us is constantly keeping track of their development and wondering how they will turn out to be. 

Considering that eyelashes are important and a sort of a beauty mark, who wouldn’t want to know when their precious baby will get eyelashes?

So if this is your big burning question, we have the answers you need. 

When Do Babies Get Eyelashes?

The good news is that your baby will be born with eyelashes.

Well, they might not be as long as you would want, which will depend on genetics, but they will be there. 

Babies start growing their eyelashes and eyebrows when they are about 20-weeks old – in the womb.

The process will begin with the growth of fine hair that’s usually too hard to see. Then, as the baby grows, their hair color turns from light to dark, including the eyelashes. 

Due to this, some babies will still have light eyelashes that are hard to see immediately after birth.

However, some babies are born with eyelashes that are well-defined and easy to identify. 

It is also important to note some babies are born without hair and, in some cases, eyelashes.

In such cases, the mother’s hormones might affect the baby, delaying the growth of their eyelashes. 

This does not mean that the baby will grow without eyelashes.

On the contrary, the eyelashes can delay the baby’s development, but eventually, they grow and fully develop as the baby keeps growing. 

Some premature babies may sometimes be born without eyelashes.

For instance, when a baby is born at 30 weeks, they may not have had the chance to grow some eyelashes as long as other babies yet. 

It is important to give a premature baby some time to catch up instead of comparing them to other babies of their age who have had a normal birth process.

For example, it takes some babies time to have prominent eyelashes, while some may not have them at all for months.

In addition, it takes different lengths of time for different babies to have prominent eyelashes. 

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1. Is It Important For Babies To Have Eyelashes 

Yes, babies need to have eyelashes just like any other part of their body is important.

 Eyelashes are sensitive to touch. Due to this, they act as a warning sign when there is something extremely close to the eye.

When this happens, your baby will reflectively shut their eyes, protecting them from dust, debris, and other small particles. 

If your baby doesn’t have eyelashes soon enough, there is no need to panic.

Luckily, there are things you can do to protect your baby’s eyes while you wait for their eyelashes to grow, including: 

  • Keeping the environment dust-free by cleaning it often. 
  • Avoiding cleaning when the baby is around  
  • Reducing outdoor ventures until the baby’s eyelashes develop 
  • Covering the baby’s eyes from direct sunlight 
  • Cleaning the area surrounding the eyes more frequently. 

2. What’s The Deal With Long Eyelashes?

Some babies are born with very long eyelashes. In most cases, this does not cause any problems.

There are isolated cases where some babies are affected by such a phenomenon. Here’s what you need to do about babies with long eyelashes:

  1. When the eyelashes are too long, the baby can develop a habit of pulling on them. If the drawn hair gets stuck in the baby’s eyes, it may cause some problems. Ensure you take your baby to the pediatrician for proper advice on how to trim the eyelashes. 
  2. Rheum, mucus secreted in the eye region, can sometimes mix with the long eyelashes when the baby is asleep and dry. This can make it hard for the baby to open his eyes when he is awake. This makes it very important that the parent cleans the baby’s eyes often. 
  3. Sometimes the eyelashes can grow so long and intertwine between the upper lashes and the lower lashes, making it hard for the baby to open his eyes. 


When do babies get eyelashes? There’s no need to worry too much about this. Babies start growing eyelashes in the womb, at least 20 weeks old.

The eyelashes might not be as clear when they are born, might you will start seeing them as your baby grows older. 

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