When Does Breastfeeding Get Easier

When Does Breastfeeding Get Easier?

New mothers find it really hard to breastfeed during the first month. Sometimes, the baby won’t position well in your lap.

Sometimes milk flow may not be proper. And how can we forget about the engorgement pains

Every new mom wonders when does breastfeeding get easier. Keep reading to learn more about this.

When Does Breastfeeding Get Easier?

Yes, the initial days are really troubling. For example, it may be possible that the baby won’t stay latched.

Such tiny issues may keep you frustrated all day as you have to breastfeed your newborn every two hours.

So, when does breastfeeding get easier?

A simple answer to this question is ‘with practice’. The more you breastfeed the baby, the easier it will get.

This means that in a month or two, you’ll get used to breastfeeding with more practice.

Yes, the first couple of weeks are pretty frustrating. First, you’ll have to teach the baby how to drink breast milk.

Then, you’ll have to teach him and hold him to stay latched. 

Your newborn will undergo various stages of growth spurts. So along with the infant, you’ll also be familiar with the process.

In about a month, you’ll feel that breastfeeding is quite a regular activity. 

During the initial days, your baby will cry for food almost all the time. Relax, it is just temporary. This will also allow new moms to get used to breastfeeding.

I remember that my baby spent those few weeks in my lap all day. Then, for six weeks, maybe, the baby will wake up and cry for milk. 

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1. How Often Should I Feed My Newborn?

As I said, during the initial days, the baby will wake up every time and cry for milk. But, by the time you’re done feeding your little monkey, he’s already asleep.

This might happen for at least two months. 

Breastmilk will keep their stomach full for about an hour or two. Therefore, little babies wake up again and again.

Their tummies get emptied up quickly, which makes them hungry again and again.

Therefore, you should not delay more than two hours to feed your newborn. But, of course, if you’re switching to the formula, that makes a whole different story.

2. Should I Maintain A Breastfeeding Routine?

Well, there’s a two-way solution to this question. Some experts say that the baby is too young to understand a routine.

Others say that a breastfeeding routine is essential so that the baby’s tummy remains full and doesn’t cry now and then.

So, it actually depends on you if you want to maintain a breastfeeding routine. But, if you maintain one, then it would obviously be beneficial for your infant. 

Actually, you save yourself from all the shrieking noise of the baby! Feeding them every two hours is the best-considered breastfeeding routine by most moms.

3. Why Is Breastfeeding So Hurting?

Breastfeeding actually takes away all your comfort. All day your baby lays in your lap and sucks your nipples. If you ask me, it’s really frustrating and discomforting.

At the end of the day, you will feel pain in your nipples. After all, feeding every two hours isn’t easy!

Also, your infant might be changing his position more than frequently. This is precisely the discomfort I was talking about.

Don’t worry, and this pain will vanish when you get used to feeding your baby. Still, if it gets too painful, you must visit your doctor.

Or you could consider collecting the breast milk in a bottle.


So, when does breastfeeding get easier? I know it feels frustrating to breastfeed all day, but don’t worry, it’s just temporary.

Soon, you can switch to formulas also. But don’t forget to breastfeed the baby once or twice a day. Breast Milk is nutritious for the baby during early infancy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Breastfeeding Ever Be Less Painful?

Of course, it will. Breastfeeding can be painful during the initial days. Your nipples might hurt you, or your posture might be disturbed.

But it just happens during the first weeks. Once you get used to breastfeeding, it won’t seem much tricky then.

Alternatively, you may switch to formula if you’re in a lot of pain.

When Does Breastfeeding Get Less Frequent?

When your baby is 1-2 months old, you will obviously breastfeed him 7-9 times a day.

During the first month, feed the baby every 1-2 hours or as per the baby’s hunger. As the infant grows, he will probably need less nursing in a single day.

Also, you have the option of switching to a formula.

How Do I Know If My Baby Is Nursing For Comfort?

Yes, this might happen because babies develop a habit of sucking. Their action comforts them, and they might ask for it all the time.

To identify whether your baby is nursing for comfort, just check whether he’s asleep or not. Stop nursing when you see that the baby has fallen asleep.

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