When is Baby Too Big For Bassinet
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When is Baby Too Big For Bassinet?

How do you tell when is baby too big for bassinet? 

First, a bassinet is a bed meant to be used by small babies. They usually are smaller than cribs so that babies can fall asleep feeling safe and secure. 

However, as the baby keeps growing, you discover that the spacious bassinet is becoming smaller, and you start noticing that they don’t have a lot of room in there the way they used to have. 

This makes you feel like they do not feel secure there than they felt when they were smaller.

So, perhaps it’s time you consider buying a crib. And, here is how to tell when it’s time for a change. 

When is Baby Too Big For Bassinet: 5 Top Signs 

While handling the issue of whether or not to buy a crib, some apparent signs will make you understand that it’s time to switch to a crib.

Other signs, however, might not be too obvious. Here are some of the signs that it’s time to switch to a crib: 

1. They are out of room 

It feels good to watch the baby grow bigger and stronger.

Unfortunately, that means you will be replacing many baby items as your baby gets into the toddler stage. Unfortunately, a bassinet is one of those items. 

As your baby grows, the bassinet becomes smaller and less comfortable for them. Unfortunately, that means they will soon run out of space. 

Your baby may wake up at night and kick around or even scoot a little bit.

If your baby doesn’t have enough space for such movements in the bassinet, it may be the time for an upgrade.

2. Movement  

As mentioned earlier, movement is a key part of the growth of a baby.

As babies grow, they discover that they can move their limbs, roll over, sit up, and step through.

While it is cute to watch your little children perform their newly learned skills in their bassinet, it might not be very safe for them there. 

Due to the tiny space in the bassinet, the baby can hit the walls of the bassinet hard. It could lead to the bassinet falling with the baby in it.

Also, the bassinet could move to a less safe space as the baby struggles to stay comfortable. 

Such a constraining environment is nothing but an impending danger for your baby.

So when You discover your baby is becoming more active, it’s time to upgrade to a bassinet. 

3. They hate being in the bassinet 

The bassinet might look comfy with enough space for the baby. However, your little one might have a different opinion. 

If your baby is always fussy and protesting whenever you try to place them in the bassinet, there is a likelihood they do not like it there.

Maybe it is not as comfortable as you think. In that case, it is time to upgrade to a baby crib.  

4. The weight limit 

Just like any other items used by babies, bassinets also have a weight limit.

Check the product description on the bassinet to see the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit

If your baby is past the recommended weight limit, it is time to get them something else, like a baby crib. If you don’t, you will be risking your baby’s wellbeing. 

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5. Age 

Bassinets are usually for newborns. Newborns are lightweight and tiny, and bassinets are generally the right size for their comfort. 

After the fourth month, your baby is growing and adding weight.

Most parents are advised to change their babies from a bassinet to a baby crib at this age.

Why? Because your baby is now a little bit active and can roll about. A bassinet is no longer sufficient for their active life. 

In fact, It’s even more important to move the baby to the crib before they can roll. This way, you are keeping them safe. 


It is important to stay ahead of your baby’s growth curve.

This way, you can easily tell when is baby too big for bassinet and transfer them to a baby crib in time.

There are several factors to watch out for to ensure they have outgrown a bassinet, including the baby’s age and the weight limit. 

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