When One Breast Produces More Milk Than The Other

When One Breast Produces More Milk Than The Other

When One Breast Produces More Milk Than The Other

Is there need for concern when one breast produces more milk than the other? 

As a new mother, the joys of breastfeeding and bonding with your baby are endless.

But it is not a seamless process, and comes with challenges of its own. 

You may also start noticing that the flow is not the same for both breasts after some time.

So what happens when one breast produces more milk than the other? 

Here’s all you need to know about why this happens and what you can do about it.  

Why Does Breast Produce More Milk

There’s a lot of pressure on mothers to breastfeed perfectly, but that rarely works.

In fact, most women take a while to get the hang of it and find something that works for them and their baby.

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Uneven milk production is quite common and not really something you need to worry about. So what does one breast produce more milk?

Here are some of the more common reasons:

1. Preference

It is natural for your baby to prefer suckling from one breast.

This is mostly because it’s easier for them to latch on to. You may even find yourself directing them to the breast that feels better for you. 

It means that your body’s natural response will be to make sure that that breast produces more milk.

If your baby starts preferring the other one, your body will naturally adjust the milk flow accordingly.

2. More milk ducts

No two breasts are the same in size or shape. It means that the bigger one will have more milk-producing ducts and have more milk.

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3. Letdown effect

This affects the force by which milk is released and is triggered by your baby’s suckling.

If this is too much, the baby may not like suckling from that breast.

Based on your baby’s preference, this will cause one breast to produce more milk than the other.

4. Previous injury

If you have suffered some injury on your breast or had surgery, this can affect milk flow.

It could have led to the damage of milk ducts and reduced milk production in that breast.

Even when you are wondering why breasts produce more milk, there are ways to encourage more even milk distribution.

These include:


  1. Change nursing styles and encourage your baby to suckle from the other breast. It will trigger milk production in that breast as well. You can also make it easier by massaging the breast and applying a warm compress between feedings.
  2. When your baby is tired, you can have them suckle from the breast that produces less milk. They are less likely to make a fuss then, and you can switch a few times during feeding.
  3. Pumping both breasts after nursing will help with milk production in the less used breast. You can store the milk and use it to feed your baby later.
  4. Sometimes the milk expressed may be a bit too much, especially at the start of feeding time. If the letdown effect is too forceful, you can try using your hand to express milk for a few minutes. It will help your baby not to get overwhelmed when they start suckling.
  5. Feeding the baby whenever they are hungry also helps to even up milk production in both breasts. More milk is produced once the breast is empty, so just let your baby suckle until they are done.
  6. Your diet can affect milk production. If you want to increase it, make sure that you drink lots of water daily. You should also ensure that you get enough rest. You can also see a lactation expert who may prescribe a galactagogue for you. This can be prescription medications or natural substances like fenugreek seeds that increase milk production.

 Nursing a baby is not an exact science, and different things work for different people.

When one breast produces more milk than the other, it is not something that should stress you out.

Just try these easy steps, and your milk production should go back to normal.

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