When Should a Child Start Gymnastics
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When Should a Child Start Gymnastics?

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Gymnastics is a great activity to boost the metabolism and fitness of a child.

All parent’s minds keep wringing with this question ‘when should a child start gymnastics?’

Is it too early? Or is my child old enough? Being ‘too young’ for gymnastics is quite a myth. Let’s find out when is the perfect time for your child to start gymnastics. 

When Should A Child Start Gymnastics?

First of all, different gyms and clubs have different rules, programs and set age limits for gymnastics.

I’ve even seen a 2-year-old practicing gymnastics. When children watch something like this TV, they tend to express their interests in it.

Therefore, you should support them. 

If your child has expressed interest in gymnastics, then it’s your headache to decide when to enroll him.

Most coaches and gymnastics instructors suggest that children between 4 to 6 years of age are good to go for gymnastics. 

If your 2-year-old child is quite obstinate about going to gymnastics, enrolling him in related sports is a good option.

Enrolling him in soccer teams or dance classes can help develop the required introductory skills for the big game. 

Preparing your child for gymnastics is your duty too. If you send your child to gymnastics unprepared at a younger age, he could end up getting injured.

You wouldn’t want that, would you? 

When my child first asked me about gymnastics, I began by teaching him the basics.

You could do the same by teaching your child a few basic things about the game in your backyard. A 5-year-old child is ideally suited for the big game.

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Beginning Gymnastics

First of all, you must know when a child should start gymnastics.

If you don’t want your child to get hurt, ask him to practice very basic gymnastics during the early stages.

Beginners should learn falling movements on the floor itself. This will reduce the chances of risks, and your kid will learn the correct postures. 

A trainer is responsible for making them practice forward roll and backward roll on the floor first.

It is better to learn how to gain momentum on the floor as the child gets prepared for the big game.

Benefits Of Gymnastics For Children

Gymnastics is an excellent sport for growing children as it helps in their physical development.

I’ve seen a lot of toddlers increase their muscle intensity and becoming fit after getting into gymnastics.

They also learn to maintain a firmer grip and swing from one bar to the other. 

Apart from physical strength, every sport builds the mental ability of a child.

Children, who are usually quite undisciplined, learn to work under the guidance of a tutor or their parents.

Gymnastics also helps in improving the self-confidence of a child in the earlier stages. Kids find this game full of fun and adventures. 

Risks Associated With Starting Gymnastics Early

If you practice gymnastics just for recreational purposes, it does not involve any serious risks.

Kids doing serious training in the very beginning are subject to injuries and retarded development

Anyway, gymnastics does not come without injuries. When an unprepared kid steps into the aisle of gymnastics, he’s definitely prone to injuries.

But a severe problem associated with early gymnastics is a negative impact on your child’s growth. 

Researchers have also found out that serious gymnastics can affect the menstrual cycle of girls.

Hence, it is always better if you consult a professional trainer before enrolling your child in gymnastics. 


Still wondering when a child should start gymnastics? Well, I would suggest not to enroll your kid in gymnastics before he is 5.

This sport requires a high amount of endurance, skills, and patience.

Looking at the benefits of this game builds the physical strength, mental ability, and fitness of a child. So why not encourage him to play it?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Gymnastics Good For A 3-Year-Old?

Gymnastics is an outstanding sport to boost your child’s metabolism, physical strength, and fitness.

But, it’s too soon to enroll a 3-year-old toddler in gymnastics. He may be prone to injuries or retarded growth.

If he’s too obstinate about it, you can start by teaching him the basics of gymnastics at home. Sending him prepared for the big game is always an advantage.

How Do Toddlers Do Gymnastics At Home?

You can begin teaching your tot forward roll and backward roll moves on the floor itself. This will benefit them in two ways.

One, he will learn a good posture when practicing it on the floor. Two, he will not be prone to any injuries.

Handstand and cartwheel are other gymnastic moves that you can teach your kid.

What Should A 7-Year-Old Gymnast Be Able To Do?

Well, if your kid has started gymnastics at 5, I’m sure he has been able to learn a lot of gymnastic moves.

At 7, he should be able to perfect the forward roll and backward roll. He should also do other moves like cartwheel, bridge, backend kick over, etc.

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