When To Leave Because Of Stepchild

When To Leave Because Of Stepchild – 3 Actionable Tips

Learning When To Leave Because Of Stepchild is never easy.

Marrying into an already established family is never easy, even on the best of days.

As the ‘outsider’, you’re bound to ruffle a lot of feathers as you try to cement your status in your new family.

At times it can become impossible to be a good step-parent or spouse no matter how hard you try.

So if you’ve been wondering when to leave because of stepchild,

Here are all the things you should keep into consideration.

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What To Do When Stepchild Has Issues With You

Your stepchild may be an angel to everyone else, but also make your life miserable at every turn.

They may be rude, disrespectful, and even pretend you don’t exist.

Even if you’re very nice to them, they may still see you as the enemy. 

It can be because they miss having their real [parents together and it may feel like you are trying to replace them.

They may also see you as the reason that their family fell apart, and will be very resentful of your presence in their house. 

As a step-parent and an authority figure, it is up to you to figure out a way to make your new family work for you.

One thing you can do is give your stepchild time to get used to you and the new family dynamic.

You can also make sure that you spend time with them doing things that they enjoy so you start to create new memories together.

In addition, make sure that your stepchild understands that you wish to build a relationship with them without replacing their biological parent. 

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When To Leave Because Of Stepchild?

However, there are some things that your stepchild can do that may mean that you may have to leave that home and marriage.

In addition, constantly dealing with them alone can be mentally and physically taxing, which can also negatively affect your marriage. This includes:

Telling lies and manipulating the truth in order to make your spouse and others not trust you.

If they are doing something wrong on purpose and refuse to be disciplined by you.

During this time, your stepchild’s parent may even defend them because of feeling guilty about breaking the family apart.

In addition to being very defensive, they may not take too kindly to anyone saying anything bad about their child.

When your stepchild acts very nice when your spouse is around and is the opposite when you’re alone.

This is done as a way to pit you against each other so that you constantly fight about it and the marriage ends. 

For all these issues, it is recommended that you see a licensed therapist as a family.

They will be able to get to the root cause of your stepchild’s horrible behavior and help to navigate through this big change in the family.

You’ll also be able to work through any other issues that once had you wondering when to leave because of stepchild.

Once you all open yourselves up to the process, you can now start living your best family life together.

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