When To Stop Using An Infant Swing
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When To Stop Using An Infant Swing

Infant swings are designed to calm down a child when he won’t go to sleep otherwise. But, when to stop using an infant swing?

These swings aren’t built to be a long-term sleeping cure for your child.

You must stop using them when your baby’s weight limit exceeds the maximum weight limit of the swing.

When To Stop Using An Infant Swing

When my first child was born, I was baffled about when to stop using an infant swing.

But with practice and tons of research, I know everything about it. 

Babies tend to sleep quickly in infant swings. Therefore, pick him up from the swing after he falls asleep.

This is important both for the baby’s safety and health. If you don’t want to risk the baby’s health, make sure that he isn’t in the swing for too long. 

Pick the baby up from the swing after he has fallen asleep for at least 20-30 minutes.

 The baby’s age and weight also limit the usage of an infant swing.

Though your child is very fond of the swing, you must stop using it when the baby starts crawling.

Don’t be dependent on that swing for too long. Usually, parents stop using the infant swing when the baby starts crawling. 

The maximum weight limit suggested for the infant swing is 11-12 kgs.

For bigger and heavier babies, stop using the swing even before they reach this weight limit. Make sure that you read the instructions on the swing.

Therefore, every parent must know when to stop using an infant swing for safety reasons.

1. When Your Baby Falls Asleep

As said earlier, you cannot let your baby sleep in an infant swing all the time.

Take notes of the time when your baby falls asleep in the swing. If you let the baby sleep in the swing for too long, it may cause postural defects in your baby. 

As soon as the baby falls asleep, stop the swing’s motion. Swinging it too much is not suitable for the baby.

Ever heard of infant death syndrome? Swing it too much may lead to infant death syndrome during sleep. 

Take care of these things for the safety of your baby. When the baby is asleep for some time, lie him down on a flat surface.

2. Appropriate Time To Stop Using An Infant Swing

I have repeatedly been saying that too much swinging is not suitable for the child. Hence, you must set the swing in motion for not more than 30 minutes. 

Depending on the mood of the baby, you can even set a two-time interval. Maintain proper timing for the swinging.

Even if your baby loves swinging, don’t be tempted to leave him in the swing for more than 30 minutes. 

Swinging for too long can cause dizziness to your baby. You wouldn’t want that too, right?

Maintain time is vital to ensure the proper motor skill development of your child. 

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3. Other Important Tips

Age and weight are other things you need to consider when stopping using an infant swing.

The maximum allowed weight on an infant swing is 25 pounds or 11 kilos. 

This means that most baby boys should not be using an infant swing when they reach 16 months.

For girls, the age limit is of 20 months. This is an average estimation. 

If a baby exceeds the weight limit before 16/20 months, he shouldn’t be kept in an infant swing.

Apart from that, when your baby starts crawling, you should stop using the infant swing. 


It’s important to know when to stop using an infant swing for the safety of your baby. Infants love it, and you love to see them happy.

But too much swinging may cause postural defects and improper development of motor skills.

Hence, be very careful of the timing when you put your kid in an infant swing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Maximum Allowed Weight For An Infant Swing?

The maximum allowed weight limit for most swings is between 25-30 pounds or 11-12 kilos.

But try to stop using the swing when your kid is almost 25 pounds. Putting more pressure (weight) on the swing may break it and result in injuries to your baby.

How Long Should Babies Be In Swings?

Babies shouldn’t be allowed to be in infant swings for too long. Once you put your baby in the swing, take him out before 30 minutes.

After that, lie him down on a flat surface. Swinging the kid too much is also not recommended. 

Is It Bad To Let The Baby Sleep In A Swing?

Too much of anything is harmful! Hence, don’t keep your child in the swing for a prolonged time.

If your baby likes sleeping in the swing, let him sleep in it for some time. As soon as the baby falls asleep, take him out and place him down on the bed. 

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