When To Upgrade From Infant Car Seat
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When To Upgrade From Infant Car Seat

Most parents come up with this question of when to upgrade from infant car seat.

Spending on your child during various phases can be expensive. I, too, had no clue when to upgrade my child’s seat.

You must switch seats at the right time because your kid’s safety is considered here.

When To Upgrade From Infant Car Seat?

The simplest answer for when to upgrade infant car seat is when your kid cannot fit in an infant seat anymore.

It means that when your kid exceeds the allowed weight limit of an infant seat, you should consider switching his seat. 

Generally, rear-facing seats do not allow a kid weighing more than 30 pounds. Height is also an essential factor to be considered here.

It might be possible that your kid is less than 30 pounds, but his height makes it unable for him to sit in an infant car seat.

In this case, you should upgrade to a convertible seat if you want.

Most parents upgrade their infant seats when their kid turns one. A rear-facing convertible is considered an excellent option to upgrade.

An infant seat will protect your 1-year-old kid from any likely accident.

But, for enhanced safety, the rear-facing convertible car seat is more reliable when it comes to the child’s safety.

In case of an accident that has damaged the infant seat, you must switch immediately. Damaged seats or their loose parts won’t be helpful in your child’s safety

You may or may not upgrade the seat, but you can trade it for another infant that isn’t damaged.

Keep these factors in mind to know when to upgrade from infant car seat.

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1. Convertible Seats

You should switch to rear-facing convertible seats when your kid is one year old. It can face both forward and backward inside the car.

To ensure the safety of your kid, you must use this seat in the rear-facing mode. 

You can use the forward-facing mode of this seat as long as your child is 65 pounds.

Considering the height and weight of the child, convertible seats can be used by kids till they’re five years of age. 

Experts recommend that you should use this convertible seat in the rear-facing mode. Wait for the kid to outgrow the weight and height limit.

2. Booster Seats

When your kid is big enough, say, for example, he is more than four years old, and you can use a booster seat.

The right time to shift to a booster seat is when you’re ready to rely on the car’s safety belt. 

A booster seat is slightly elevated and uses the car’s safety belt itself.

Therefore, you recommend that you use booster seats when your child weighs a minimum of 40 pounds or is more than four years old. 

Also, when your kid does not require a back or a seat-tied restraint, you can shift to a booster seat.

3. Other Tips For Child’s Safety

Use an infant carrier as long as your child is 12 months old. Infants are susceptible, and they require all the restraint that an infant seat provides.

Never rush to changing your child’s car seats. 

Let him fulfill the age and weight limit, and only then switch to other seats. Till your child is two years old, you must ride in the rear-facing mode.

Switch to booster seats only when you’re doubly sure that your child would be safe with the normal safety belt of the car. 

Instead of throwing the old infant seat away, you can pass it on to someone else and earn a few bucks.


Infant seats are built in a way to protect your child from sudden halts while traveling in a car.

Once you’re clear when to update from infant car seat, only then shift to other seats.

Convertible and booster seats may be tempting, but make sure that your kid is mature and aged enough to fit in those seats. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Do You Use An Infant Car Seat?

An infant car seat is recommended to be used till your child is one year old.

Riding in the rear-facing mode is essential for the child till he reaches the highest weight or height.

After your child turns one, you surely will need to upgrade his car seat.

How Do You Know When Your Child Has Outgrown Their Car Seat?

Well, that’s easy. Check the maximum weight allowed on the labels and see whether your kid has outgrown or not.

Also, if your child cannot fit in his current car seat, it means he has outgrown. 

What Are The Maximum Height And Weight Limits For An Infant Car Seat?

Different states have different laws for child car seats. The maximum weight limit for an infant car seat is 40 pounds.

A kid more than 1-year-old should not be using this seat. For heavier kids, the weight limit can exceed even before they’re 12 months old.

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