When Your Family Doesnt Care About You

When Your Family Doesnt Care About You

When your family doesnt care about you is a terrible feeling. 

Or, are you feeling that your family is ignoring you? 

I can understand. Tough times are an ongoing part of your life. It is the worst feeling when your family doesn’t care about you. 

You might feel as being treated as the black sheep of the family. So let’s have a look at a few signs that your family is ignoring you.

When Your Family Doesnt Care About You

It really hurts when your family doesn’t care about you. You try to indulge with them, engage with them, but they choose to ignore you.

Why does this happen? Haven’t you been a good kid? Did you misbehave with them? Or are they busy in their own life?

How would you know that your family doesn’t care about you? Here are a few signs that suggest the same.

My friend Louis once told me that his family usually shows up unannounced.

During those visits, they used to disturb his lifestyle and poke their nose into his personal matters. Well, that’s a hell of a sign, isn’t it? 

There might be certain times when you need your family the most. But they just won’t be available to you.

Instead, they will plainly ignore you and hurt your feelings. At times, they’ll just dismiss your needs and call you foolish.

Another indication says that your family doesn’t consider you as one of their own. They leave you out of dinner parties or family gatherings.

They won’t share their milestones or any significant decision with you.

In case you notice these signs, just go and talk to your parents. A patient conversation may heal your troubled relationships.

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1. Parents Continuously Ignoring Their Kids

One vital sign that your parents don’t respect you is that they won’t spare any time for you. Instead, they might give you vague excuses or simply shut you out. 

This might make you feel that they don’t miss you at all. They might show you that they’re very busy with their jobs and household.

In reality, they knowingly choose to ignore you simply because they aren’t interested.

If you deep-heartedly want to repair your relationship, simply confront them about the issue. If they don’t express their feeling, don’t worry. 

At least tell them that you miss them and want a shoulder to lean on.

2. Parents Don’t Consider You An Important Family Member

Do you also feel that your parents aren’t considering you as one of their own? Well, this might happen when parents want nothing to do with their child. 

Separated parents are more of an issue. They’re either involved in a new relationship or simply distance themselves from their children. 

Your parents may prioritize you over their new relationships. For example, they might not invite you to dinner parties or family events.

Even if you show up at those family gatherings, they will show the slightest interest in interacting with you. It might seem challenging to patch up with them again. 

3. How To Deal With The Situation?

So, what to do when your family doesn’t care about you? 

Well, talking is the best solution to this. Without speaking, you can’t just pressure your parents to accept you. 

Maybe your parents don’t respect you because you haven’t been a good child to them. If you’re the problem, then only you can be the solution.

You should start behaving friendly with them and thus repair your relationships.

If your parents are ignoring you, try and spend more time with them. Have healthy and engaging conversations with them. 

Confronting your parents might be the only solution to repairing your relationships with them.


Maintaining healthy relationships is an arduous task. When your family doesn’t care about you, you may feel shattered and devastated.

Instead of drifting away from your family, you should try and confront them about all your issues. This might end up in something good.

Don’t worry if you fail; remember that you did give your best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does It Mean When Your Family Doesn’t Care About You?

When your family doesn’t respect you, it means that they’re just not interested in raising you as their own.

It also implies that they’re frustrated enough with their own lives that they don’t want to spare time for their kids.

How Do You Know That You Have A Toxic Family?

Well, one sign of a toxic family is that they always have mood swings. Such behavior is affecting you, and they don’t want to change their behavior.

Sometimes, there can be physical abuse. But at most times, their swingy moods will affect you indefinitely.

How Do You Know That Your Family Doesn’t Care About You?

There are a few signs to notice when your family completely shuts you out:

  1. First, they might criticize you for everything.
  2. They will be completely ignorant of you in public as well.
  3. They will never appreciate you for your achievements.

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