When Your Grown Child Makes Bad Decisions
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When Your Grown Child Makes Bad Decisions

Your children won’t always make the best decision in life. No matter what age they are, they will always make mistakes.

When children grow into adults, they are bound to make mistakes, and as parents, we have to be patient with that because it’s a phase, and it will pass. 

When Your Grown Child Makes Bad Decisions?

It is okay to feel stressed about your child’s erratic behavior and unwise decisions, but it is not right to criticize them always. 

Whenever they present an idea or argument to you, don’t dismiss it altogether, you need to make them feel heard.

They are our children, and we need to make sure they are not unheard of even when they may be wrong or get the sense you don’t support them. 

Such a feeling might force them to take a step you don’t want them to take.

Try to identify when your child seems low or stressed to stop them from making any wrong decisions.

 As a parent, we have to understand the nature and temperament of our child.

If we successfully read through our child, the ‘bad decision moment’ may never arise with them. 

Try to spend as much time with them and have positivity and hope-induced conversations so they never have to be stressed or overburdened with emotions that will lead to bad decisions. 

Such a dynamic with your child will definitely bring a whole lot of change in his attitude towards life and everyone.

He will be able to distinguish between right and wrong clearly.

1. One Bad Decision Is Just Normal 

As adults, what parents need to understand is that all humans make mistakes, and the human you are dealing with is your own child in his formative years. 

All children make mistakes and make bad decisions when young, your child will be no different, and it’s absolutely natural.

Be it finance or relationships, and you can’t expect your child to be fully sensible before a certain age in any area of life. 

When you find it hard to relax, the best thing to do is recall our time as kids and young children; maybe that will make us believe it is okay to behave in a somewhat delusional manner as children. 

2. Having A Conversation 

Children making bad decisions is one thing but being able to control that is another.

If you realize you haven’t been happy with your child lately because of some of his choices in the recent past, you can always sit down and have a rational conversation with him, a friendly one. 

You don’t have to be stern or direct to point out all his weaknesses straight up; you should rather address this concern in a friendly manner.

Tell them how one bad choice might impact his life for the longest time. 

Having a rational conversation will always help; opening their eyes to the real repercussions of their decisions might change the way they think overnight, and you’ll be proud you had this conversation with them. 

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3. Set Boundaries 

It doesn’t matter how much your child grows; your role as a parent will always remain vital in his life.

It’s essential to create some boundaries for your grown child. 

No matter how much of a hard time he may be going through, he must always be aware of certain things.

He must know that it’s not right to depend on his parents’ resources always. He should understand the value of his father’s hard-earned money. 

He should know that he cannot transfer his responsibility to his older sibling or even his parents.

Once your child well understands all these things, he may never make bad choices in life ever. 


When your grown child makes bad decisions, definitely no parent will feel great about it, but they can still control it if they have a healthy equation with the child.

Having a certain level of communication with them might bring the necessary sensible change you were looking for in your child always. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Do When Your Child Makes Bad Choices? 

No doubt, it is a terrible thing to watch your child make the most unwise decisions. But who will control that, the parents themselves?

Instead of feeling bad about it, parents should try to chat with their children to avoid a similar situation in the future. 

When Your Grown Child Hurts Your Feelings? 

Even when hurt, you should not try to criticize your child directly but rather address his mistakes and rude behavior so that he feels both guilty and aware of his behavior at the same time. 

How to Tackle Grown-Up Children? 

As hard as it might look, it’s only a simple deal between you and your children.

You have to work around your children with much patience and composure. If you can exercise that, you can easily handle your grown-up children. 

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