Why Are Daughters Mean to Their Mothers
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Why Are Daughters Mean to Their Mothers

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Parents usually wonder why daughters are mean to their mothers.

However, maintaining successful relationships really becomes hard as the children grow up.

When daughters grow mean to their mothers, it is hurtful both for the mother and the daughter.

So let’s look over some proven facts why growing daughters become mean to mothers in the family.

Why Are Daughters Mean to Their Mothers?

When two people argue over unimportant topics, it is an indication that their relationship is going bad.

Of course, the difference in opinion is a different thing. But these petty fights sometimes land you in an inescapable situation.

So, why are daughters mean to their mothers?

When you notice that your daughter has been fighting with you on unrelated topics, this means that things are going sideways.

She won’t care even if she’s using a disrespectful tone.

She will stop enjoying your presence anymore. In fact, she won’t prefer to be near you anyway. 

The reason might be that you’re too dominating. Or you’ve grounding and grilling her for far too long. 

No one likes to live a restricted life. The same is the case with your daughter when you’re trying to punish her.

She will not like being confined and ultimately become cold with you.

If you’re too busy with your own life, you won’t give your daughter enough time. This may agitate her and force her into becoming rough with you.

When you feel that your daughter is mean to you, just ask yourself why it is so. This might’ve been due to your past actions.

Either your dominating nature or the ignoring nature may have disturbed her heart permanently.

1. Invading Her Privacy

Why are daughters mean to their mothers? Just ask yourself, ‘Have you tried to invade her privacy?’ 

This is one of the most tempting causes of a mother-daughter conflict. After all, no one likes an invasion into their private affairs. 

For you, it might just be a caring gesture or keeping tabs about your daughter’s life. But to her, it may seem totally ridiculous. 

For example, you might want to take a look at her phone sometimes. Or you may enter her room without knocking while she was busy doing something private.

A full-grown daughter won’t accept her life being invaded, even by her mother. 

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2. Taking Decisions For Her

This is another major reason why daughters become mean to their mothers. Grown-up daughters don’t prefer someone else making decisions for her.

In certain situations, it may be possible that you’re not valuing her opinion.

You must let her make her own decisions. Stop treating her the way you used to treat her in her childhood. 

If you don’t poke so much into your daughter’s personal matters, she may not disagree with you more often. 

When your daughter feels that you’re trying to take control of her life, she may become meaningful to you.

However, you should let your grown-up kid make her decisions.

3. Bonding With Your Daughter

Let’s make sure that you don’t end up ruining the impenetrable bond of a mother and daughter.

To ensure that, value your child’s opinions on family matters. Consider her as an adult member of the family. 

If your daughter has been rude to you for quite some time, sit down with her and sort the matter out.

The best is to discuss your feelings and get rid of all the negative things between you. 

If you’ve been ignoring your daughter for a while, start giving her time now to repair your relationship.

The more time you spend engaging with her, the more you’ll bond with her again.


I think now you got why daughters are mean to their mothers.

If you start noticing signs that your daughter is becoming mean to you, prevent your relationship before it worsens.

Be patient enough to try and bond with her again. She may resist, but ultimately, you’ll be living together as a family again!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Why Do Daughters Criticize Their Mothers?

When a mother tries to take charge of her full-grown daughter, she may get irritated and criticize her mother.

Daughters don’t like controlling parents. Hence, they’ll criticize every decision you make for her.

How Do You Deal With A Disrespectful Grown Daughter?

In this scenario, you’re stuck. Neither can you ground her too much nor be polite with her.

You may reprimand her if she’s too disrespectful at times. But, instead, sit down with her and listen to her problems peacefully.

Partner together and solve your issues before they get worse.

Why Do Daughters Blame Mothers?

Daughters blame their mothers for either of the two reasons.

Whether the mother is too involved in her daughter’s life or ignorant of their life, in either case, there are higher risks that your relationship will get worse.

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