Why Do Babies Scratch Their Faces

Why Do Babies Scratch Their Faces?

Are you wondering why do babies scratch their faces because your baby cannot stop scratching their face?

When you have a baby at home, it is easy to spend all your time watching them be all cute and cuddly.

One thing you may have noticed is your baby scratching their face a lot.

Why do babies scratch their faces, and what can you do to stop your baby from scarring themselves?

Keep reading to find out what you can do about this.

Why do babies scratch their faces?

While it may seem like strange behavior, your baby scratching their face is usually not something to worry about.

It is mostly caused by reflex since babies cannot fully control the movement of their hands when they are small.

It is referred to as the Moro reflex and happens when your baby is startled by sudden movements or loud noises.

It causes their hands to go to their faces, and they may scratch themselves accidentally.

In addition, your baby may show their agitation by moving around restlessly.

There’s no reason to worry about this, however, as your baby will be able to control their hand movements by the time they are six months old.

Another reason that your baby may be scratching their face is because of skin irritation.

The dry area around them is a significant change from what your baby was used to inside the womb.

Due to this, their skin may start reacting to that.

Your baby may also scratch their face when they are crying or unhappy about something.

Tips to help your baby to stop scratching their face

Face scratching may be a mostly harmless habit for your baby, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be concerned.

Some of the ways you can stop it or reduce the impact include:

  1. Cutting your baby’s nails so that no scars remain when they scratch their faces. A baby’s nails can grow very quickly and are super sharp, so you need to check on this at least weekly. You can cut the nails when your baby is sleeping or resting so that there’s no chance of injury to the baby. You can use a special baby nail cutter that is simple to use and will not harm your baby. Alternatively, you can choose just to file the nails down, which will take a longer time.
  2. If your baby can’t keep their hands off their face, you can dress them up in mittens. Not only will it look super cute, but it will prevent them from scratching up their face. Swaddling your baby when they’re a bit younger will also prevent them from touching their face.
  3. Sometimes your baby may feel the need to scratch their face because they suffer from a skin condition, like eczema. A pediatrician can diagnose this if you suspect there’s a problem. They can also recommend a baby safe moisturizing lotion to help your baby’s eczema and dry skin. You can also get antiseptic cream to apply on any scratches on your baby’s face so that they heal faster.
  4. You can just wait out this phase of your baby’s life. Scratching their face is a way for your baby to explore their face when young. Once they have better control of their hand movements, this is likely to stop happening. In the meantime, you can try and keep your baby as comfortable as possible, so they don’t feel the need to scratch their face all the time.

When you are wondering why do babies scratch their faces, it’s important to know that this is completely normal behavior.

You should also never worry that any scars will be permanent as your baby’s skin will heal over time.

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