Why Do Dr Brown Bottles Leak

Why Do Dr Brown Bottles Leak?

It is not uncommon for bottles to leak, but why do Dr brown bottles leak?

Dr. Brown’s bottles are pretty common in many households with babies. Why? Because their vent system helps in reducing colic, burping, spit-ups, and gassing. 

So, what’s the issue? 

If you are here, we suspect it is because, in feeding your baby, you realized that it is leaking. Does that mean that it is faulty and in need of a replacement?

Or maybe you did not close it up tightly? 

The good news is, this is a common thing. So many parents have walked down this road, and the solution could be as easy as not buying a new Dr. Brown bottle. 

Below is everything you need to know about a leaking Dr. Brown bottle. 

Why Do Dr Brown Bottles Leak?

One of the reasons why Dr. Brown’s bottles leak is the mishandling of the venting system. The venting system has three parts, the collar, nipple, and vent.

When you insert these into the bottle, it is no longer fully sealed. 

If you are using the wrong nipple size, have not prepared the bottle correctly, or are storing it correctly, you will have some leaking issues. 

Do Other Bottles Leak, Too?

Fortunately or unfortunately, the leaking problem is not only present in Dr. Brown’s bottles.

While manufacturers are working tirelessly to ensure no bottle leaks, with most using leakproof designs, there is always a high likelihood of leaking. 

Regardless of the brand, you will have leaking issues cropping from the below issues:

  • The level of nipple flow 
  • Design of the venting system 
  • The lid used in the bottle 
  • The collar’s sealing 
  • Not cleaning the bottle’s parts properly 

So, which of these could be the reason for the leaking? It is important that you consider every factor before you spend money replacing a bottle that’s perfectly okay.

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Solutions To a Leaking Dr. Brown Bottle 

There are different solutions to a leaking bottle. The answer to your problems will vary between situations:

1. If It Is Leaking While Feeding 

Is your bottle only leaking when you are feeding your little one? There is a high percentage that the nipple flow is the cause.

However, it could either be too slow or fast for the baby. 

Babies usually suck harder when the nipple flow is slower than usual. This pushes air into the vent, leading to the buildup of pressure.

The high pressure, in turn, pushes the milk out of the collar, leading to a leak. 

What can you do? You need to increase the nipple flow to a level that the baby is not struggling with when sucking. 

2. If It Is Leaking When Preparing 

Do you notice any leaking milk when you are preparing the milk?

For example, you are busy mixing and shaking the formula or warming the bottle to get the right temperature, and the leak starts? 

One of the leading causes for this is the change in pressure. Therefore, when prepping the baby’s milk, you should remove all the parts of the bottle.

In place of the collar and nipple, it is best that you use a travel cap. 

If you are leaving the bottle in a daycare center that doesn’t allow the modification of the bottle, request them to loosen the bottle’s collar.

It helps in releasing any pressure when warming the milk. 

3. If It Is Leaking When Traveling 

Traveling with a baby can be hectic. First, think about all the packing you need to do! Then you have to deal with a leaking milk bottle! 

Well, not anymore. As long as the nipple, collar, and vent of the bottle are on, it is best that you ensure the bottle stays upright.

Even if you place a bottle cap, the milk will still leak if not placed upright. 

If you’re traveling a short distance, you can keep the parts of the bottle on, use the travel disk and keep the bottle upright.

However, if you are traveling a long distance or are in an environment where you can’t keep the bottle upright, ensure you remove the parts.

Then, close the bottle with a storage travel cap. 

You no longer have to wonder why do Dr. Brown bottles leak. Your bottle could be okay, and no need for a new one.

With the above tips, you can keep your bottle from leaking, whether traveling or preparing your baby’s mealtime. 

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