Why Does My Baby Cry When I Change Her Diaper
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Why Does My Baby Cry When I Change Her Diaper

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Why does my baby cry when I change her diaper is a common question among parents, especially first-time parents? 

While changing your baby’s diaper is not a challenging task, it can be overwhelming and a tad bit difficult when there’s a lot of crying.

Sometimes, it can be worse if your baby is also rolling or crawling. 

Knowing why your little one is crying their lungs out in the first place is a great start. It will help you keep them cozy and calm so you can change them peacefully. 

Why Does My Baby Cry When I Change Her Diaper?

There are several reasons why babies cry when one is changing diapers. These include: 

1. Acid reflux

When you make your baby lay on the back during changing, some acid might flow from her stomach into her esophagus.

But, unlike adults who can explain the discomfort, babies will react only by crying. 

We recommend seeking medical advice to rule out this as the cause.

But, as you wait to see your doctor, there is a way to change your little and reduce the discomfort. 

You can elevate your baby’s head to prevent acid reflux. If they stop crying, you are probably dealing with an acid reflux issue.

Also, it is best to have your doctor check for a tongue tie or a breathing issue.

2. You take too long

Diaper change interrupts your baby from their sense of comfort; thus, they react by crying.

To reduce the tantrum, be as efficient as possible, and the baby will reduce the crying.

3. They are uncomfortable 

Many things can make babies uncomfortable during a diaper change, like feeling cold or having no idea what is going on.

Ensure your baby keeps warm when you are changing the diaper.

If your baby is confused about what is going on, try to be efficient about it. They will get used to this as they grow older. 

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How Do I Stop My Baby From Crying When Changing Diapers?

1. Distract them

Keeping them engaged is an excellent way to distract their attention from diaper changing.

Try talking to them, singing, telling a story, or playing around. Make faces for your baby, and they will shift their attention to decoding what you mean.

If you successfully turn their attention to different things in the environment, they will soon find the change more comfortable and reduce crying.

2. Prepare them early enough that they will have a diaper change.

Create eye contact with your baby to inform them that it’s time for a diaper change.

Then, psychologically, you will have prepared to stop their current activity and be back in a few. 

Picking them off and undressing them is uncomfortable, and most likely, they will cry.

Promise to return them to their previous state after the change. Moreover, explain to the baby exactly what you are doing the change. 

The baby will then understand why it’s necessary and be more cooperative.

3. Make it special

Give your baby something they don’t regularly access, like a toy or as long as it is not a choking hazard.

This will shift their attention from whatever is happening down there. 

Ensure that you reward good behaviors such as calmness when changing diapers to reinforce the quietness you want.

In addition, the items or toys will make diaper change easier than a constant painful experience with your child.

4. Consider using a changing pad

Using a changing pad will provide more comfort for the baby and reduce the squirms.

Additionally, they are less likely to roll over, thus making it easier for you to change your baby efficiently.


There are several answers to why does my baby cry when I change her diaper.

Maybe they have acid reflux, they are feeling cold, or they simply feel like you are interrupting their fun.

Whichever the reason, it is best to note that babies cry to pass a message. As such, pay attention to this crying and find what your baby is trying to communicate. 

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