Why Does My Baby Grab My Face
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Why Does My Baby Grab My Face?

Yes, why does my baby grab my face is a common question in the parenting realm.

As grown-ups, we have a well-defined communication pattern, from facial expressions, comprehensive body language, and efficient speech that we all understand and use to communicate effectively. 

As a social person, your tiny adorable baby is not an exception.

Babies are curious to learn and eager to apply whatever little knowledge they have acquired.

Studies shows that touch is one of the ways babies learn and differentiate items. 

They may end up grabbing your face, and the following reasons might help make you understand why and perhaps, give a suitable reaction to their attempts to express themselves. 

Why does my baby grab my face?

1. Discovering Textures

Your baby might be discovering textures and how things feel in their hand 

As babies learn things, they also feel the texture. They might not like rough surfaces, but they may enjoy touching them more if they find something soft.  

2. To get your attention 

Why Does My Baby Grab My Face?

Babies that can move may at times struggle to get close to you to end up grabbing your face.

It is a desperate attempt by the baby to get your undivided attention. 

This behavior is common among mobile babies, mainly in the gap between eight months to eighteen months.

Younger babies might touch your face while you are holding them or wearing them in a baby sling.

It is to get your attention and give them much-needed eye contact. Babies love eye contact.  

3.  Fear factor  

Everyone jumps, screams, and does a lot of random things when they are scared or startled.

Babies are not an exception to this though their reaction to fear may sometimes come off a little different from what we are used to. 

When there is a bang or a sharp noise, your baby may fidget and grab your face.

This will be due to fear, and among babies grabbing your face might be the first reaction before crying.

4. Excited to see you 

Your baby is intelligent and keen to understand everything you do.

As you pick them up from the daycare after work or after waking up from an afternoon nap, you may affectionately touch their cheeks and say hello. 

Since the baby is also happy to see you, they may grab your face and make a funny noise while at it.

It is a desperate attempt to imitate your actions to let you know that they are also excited to see you.

As the baby continues growing, you discover that with time the grab becomes less harsh and perhaps bask in the unintentional love from your loved one.

5. Expression of anger  

Why Does My Baby Grab My Face?

Babies who are also emotional beings, just like us grown-ups, may at times need to express their feelings.

When they are angry, for instance, they might harshly grab your face and kick their legs simultaneously. 

The baby may also crawl over and grab at you. This could be an attempt to get your attention and get you to solve their problem or have them soothed.

You can try holding them, and when that doesn’t work, find out any possible way to address their issue. 

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6. The need to share information 

After crawling and walking, babies will get the urge to share their world with the people around them.

They may go the extra mile to get your attention, including grabbing your face.

They want you to see their toy and perhaps take part in discovering the new fascinating world they are exploring. 

7. Hunger

Why Does My Baby Grab My Face?

The baby may harshly grab your mouth or your face to pass a message that they are hungry.

If you notice your little one touching your face or particularly your mouth, then feel their mouth; it may mean they are hungry. 

Babies know that people feed using their mouths and are keen to notice everything that grown-ups do around them. This is one of the early communication skills.

You do not have to worry anymore about why does my baby grab my face. There is usually a perfectly valid reason for that.

These explanations may vary from one baby to another; that is what it’s important to learn, whatever your child is trying to say to create a deep bond between the two of you.

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