Why Does My Baby Hate Me
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Why Does My Baby Hate Me

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Are you struggling to connect to your little one and don’t know why does my baby hate me?

Unfortunately, this is more common than many parents realize.

If your baby is constantly screaming their lungs out and there’s nothing you do that makes them stop, you might feel like they hate you.

 Luckily, there is an excellent explanation for this feeling. And, it is not what you are thinking. 

Why does my baby hate me?

The truth is your baby doesn’t hate you. It only happens in your thoughts that maybe your baby hates you.

Your baby has not yet developed any cognitive abilities to develop such emotions, like hate. 

 But, it’s so easy to think this way because most of the time you handling their:

  •  colicky 
  •  unending cry 
  •  fusses 

 Unfortunately, having such thoughts can be draining and affect your bonding. It can also cause you sleepless nights and puts you at risk of postpartum depression. 

The best thing to do is take a break, take a deep breath, relax, and be ready to remedy the situation.

Mostly, when babies throw a fuss and make you feel like they hate you is because something is bothering them. The only way they know how to communicate is to cry. 

As such, you need to start considering what issues could be affecting them.

For example, are they hungry, are they feeling hot or cold, or is the environment uncomfortable? They might also be feeling unwell. 

For example, some babies are born with health conditions that cause acid reflux. Due to this, their digestive tract will not work as it is supposed to.

That means that every time you feed them, the food will go back to the digestive track with a burning sensation.

If you know how painful this can be for a grown-up, imagine how it feels for your little one?

The result will be your baby crying and your soothing doing little to nothing to keep them calm.

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Why your baby is more attached to their primary caregiver

Babies are attached to their primary caregiver for their safety. And you are the only person that shares in their feelings of love.

Your baby depends on you for all their needs, and absence can render them helpless.

However, if your baby is fussy, they will have difficulty adjusting to the world, making it difficult for both of you.

But always remember your baby relies on this unconditional love for their survival.

Giving without any returns can be exhausting, depressing, and discouraging. But remember, you can always seek assistance and take a walk for rejuvenation.

It’s a job you value, but you don’t need to be alone. 

Most of the time, fathers suffer from this guilt that their child doesn’t love them.

But something worth noting is that the baby hasn’t developed cognitive skills, so it’s difficult to conclude as it. 

Babies will always cling to their primary caregivers because it’s where they are getting all their needs met.

Which with some you cannot meet like the mother, for example breastfeeding and changing of diapers. The mother is the source of food, comfort, and even entertainment.

These provisions will make you second not because of any emotions but because it’s biological, which confirms that it’s very typical. 

But worry not, immediately your child starts gaining some independence, they will begin distancing themselves from the primary caregiver, and here will be your chance to be close to them.


Will you find yourself asking why does my baby hate me? Probably yes, especially if you are reading this.

But does it mean your little one hates you? No, it doesn’t. You are only projecting your emotions to the little one.

Plus, they are not developed enough to have such feelings. Therefore, it would be best that you pay more attention to your baby’s needs.

And, while you might be trying your best to meet these needs, the relationship could be strained because they have not developed a bond with you yet. 

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