ParentalQuestions.com is a family-run blog, set up to provide easy-to-read resources for parents with unique, personal and difficult questions that are complicated to answer.

Created, managed and co-written by Iesha Mulla & Mo, this household-inspired blog talks about everyday parenting challenges, but from a dual perspective.

Iesha Mulla is also the main writer and with her first-hand experience of everything pregnancy, baby and parenting related this family blog serves to help out in diverse and challenging family issues. 

Covering a variety of topics, all family-related, Parental Questions aims to help parents with simple & practical tips that solve everyday parental problems

At ParentalQuestions, we’re here to walk beside you on this enduring adventure. Our vast collection of articles spans the full parenting spectrum—from conception and childbirth, to supporting your child’s growth through infancy, childhood, and the teen years.

We understand that parenting isn’t just about duties—it’s also about play and joy. That’s why we bring you resources on mental and physical well-being, nutrition, educational insights, and developmental milestones, as well as fun-filled games, crafts, activities, and stories.

Meet Our Review Board

Our board boasts a diverse group of professionals—from Obstetricians & Gynecologists, pediatricians to lactation experts, dietitians, psychologists, child counselors, legal advisors, and more. They ensure our content’s precision and timeliness, enriching it with their seasoned insights drawn from the latest findings and clinical practices.

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Iesha Mulla also has a degree in Advanced Diploma in Childcare and Education (ADCE) from Queen Mary London 

Mo Mulla is a lawyer with a degree from UCL London  and writes his parenting tips from a dad’s perspective in his spare time!

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