Baby Cries When Changing Diapers
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Baby Cries When Changing Diapers

Are you struggling with baby cries when changing diapers and have no idea what to do? Or why is it happening?

We all know that crying is sometimes a signal that it’s time for a diaper change.

But what happens when the baby starts crying, kicking, and even screaming when you start changing their diaper?

What might be the reasons for this, and what can be the remedy for such a problem? 

We have all the answers.  

Baby Cries When Changing Diapers

You might not be the only parent wondering why your baby is fussy during diaper changes.

There could be several reasons why your baby is fussy and cries a lot during diaper changes. 

Below are some of the reasons:  

1. Cold 

Most babies, especially newborn babies, hate the coldness that comes with diaper changes.

The sudden temperature change when changing diapers might make the baby uncomfortable and end up screaming.

2. Hunger 

If you are changing diapers before feeding, the baby might be too hungry to wait for feeding.

This may get the baby angry and, in turn, express himself through screaming. 

3. Confusion   

Most newborn babies may hate diaper changes because it’s a whole new experience for them, and they do not know what’s going on.

Because of this, they may express their fear through crying or, in some cases screaming hysterically.

However, as they grow old, they become familiar with the routine, and they learn to trust. 

4. The baby wants to be in charge of his own body and time 

As the baby grows older, they start to develop some personal interest in various activities and exploring the new environment.

They might not appreciate it when you suddenly sweep them away during playtime. 

5. Prevents new-found skills 

Sometimes laying your baby on their backs when changing diapers may prevent them from practicing some newly acquired skills like rolling, crawling, and sitting up.

It may make them angry because babies do not like to be restricted. 

6. Keeping them waiting  

As a busy parent, sometimes you might be tempted to multitask.

Keeping the baby waiting on their backs as you try to handle another situation may make them angry, especially when they do not entirely enjoy laying on their backs.

It may make a baby fussy and angry. 

7. Acid reflux  

It is a discomfort caused when the stomach contents come back into the esophagus leading to significant pain.

If your baby cries a lot before or after feeding, they have a high chance of getting this disorder.

Such babies may highly dislike laying on their backs during diaper changes.

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How to Make Diaper Changes More Pleasant  

1.Be organized  

Ensure you have all your supplies ready and in the right place before picking up the baby for the change.

Your baby might not appreciate laying there for long as you gather your supplies. 

2. Keep the baby warm 

Try to change your baby’s diaper in the warmest area of your house.

You can also use a wipe warmer so that the baby is not surprised by the cold of the wipes.

You can also place some warm cotton materials over his belly area to keep the baby as warm as possible during the change and remember to change the diapers quickly. 

3. Use distractive items  

Try to change the baby’s diapers at an exciting place inside the house.

You can try distracting the baby by giving him a toy or anything that fascinates the baby.

This will help keep his mind occupied as you hasten to change the diapers.  

4. Talking 

Talk to the baby or play with them as you change their diapers. It will help reduce the tension between the two of you and might even help you bond.

The baby might even go from hating the diaper changing sessions and start looking forward to them. 

5. Try changing the diapers while the baby is standing  

For the babies who have problems lying on their backs, you may try changing their diapers as they stand to be comfortable with it. 

6. Learn your baby’s personality

Finally, there are many reasons why a baby might not be comfortable.

It is also important to let parental instincts guide you, try to learn your child’s behavior and reactions so that you can help them get through this vulnerable point in their lives.

Baby cries when changing diapers is nothing new, but there is always a solution.

They could be hungry, confused about what is happening, or you could simply be interrupting their me-time.

Using some distraction, talking to them, or learning their personality or behaviors might help you stop the crying. 

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