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10 Ergonomic Best Toys for Crawlers 2020

Looking for Best Toys for Crawlers?

Crawling is the first leap forward for your sleepyhead to explore the world around them. The best time to utilize your kid’s super energetic eagerness is their playtime. Introducing your kid to new toys that encourage crawling can be a great idea to start with. Such toys can often nurture other milestones, too, like emotional, social, cognitive, physical development, or movement.

But, you have to be attentive about the material used and preferred age. Covering much of the leg work, we have looked over thousands of toys and listed a few of the best toys for crawlers in this post. Give it a quick read to find the best-suited one for your toddler. 

What to Look for in the Best Toy for Crawlers?


Kids have delicate skin. So, you need to pay extra attention to the material of the toy. Hard toys can unintentionally hurt your little one, so it’s best to go for softer toys that are BPA and phthalates free.


There are toys for all ages. But, all of them may not be appropriate for all ages. You surely don’t want to buy your crawler a toy that is meant for 7-8-year-old kids. 

Value Addition

Always go for toys that help kids to learn new things. Whether educative or all-round development, toys take up a significant part of the day for toddlers and crawlers. So, always prefer to teach even in the fun playtimes.

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Best Toys for Crawlers: Our Top Picks

#1 Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Crawl – Through Tunnel

Melissa & Doug are known for manufacturing the best quality toys for kids, and Happy Giddy Crawl Tunnel is one of them. 

The Happy Giddy Tunnel encourages kids to crawl, roll, and slide and, thus, is one of the best toys to promote crawling. It is a foldable and durable tunnel that comes in the shade of rainbow colors. These often become instant favorites for little ones.

You can clean this tunnel with wipe-clean cloth easily. Kids can even creep, crawl, sleep in this mysterious tunnel. It has an inbuilt door at both ends of this tunnel.


  • It enhances motor and coordination skills
  • Foldable and durable
  • It has in-built doors


  • Kids don’t show much interest in the tunnel
  • Small in size

#2 VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball

VTech wiggle and crawl ball, as the name suggests, is a ball that helps your kid crawl, develop overall motor skills and senses. 

It contains animal-shaped press buttons that store more than 45 songs, phrases, and melodies. It has five different colored LED lights as well, which makes this ball more attractive for kids

It supports language development among kids and is undoubtedly one of the best toys for crawlers. It teaches kids to crawl, slide, spin, and roll as well. This crawl ball helps kids to develop hand-eye coordination in the young ones. 


  • Contains 45 different songs, melodies, and phrases 
  • LED lights 
  • Develop motor skills and senses 


  • It sometimes does not wiggle and rolls smoothly on the ground

#3 LeapFrog Count & Crawl Number Kitty

LeapFrog presents a count and crawl number kitty that can become your kid’s best friend. It is a cute cat that teaches your kid, counting from 1 to 20. 

The crawl number kitty lets your kids reiterate mew sound again and again in a low or high pitch as it moves. It is almost like a real kitty that has a tummy, whiskers, tongue, and paws. 

The 20 number keys move as the kitty moves forward or backward. It is one of the best toys for sitting babies as it keeps them engaged for a more extended period.

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  • Helps kids to learn to count
  • Entertains kids with its sound
  • Encourage toddlers to crawl


  • An unintelligent toy which makes noise

#4 Edushape Sensory Balls (Set of 4)

Edushape Sensory Balls is a textured ball made up of BPA-free PVC material. It is a squeezable ball. 

It interests the kids while developing motor skills and teaches hand-eye coordination to toddlers. This ball has a nubby texture, which encourages all-round development among kids while playing. It is one toy that encourages crawling or standing.


  • It provides all-round development to kids
  • It has a nubby texture
  • Made up of BPA free safe material


  • Kids don’t show much interest in this ball

#5 Sassy Development Bumpy Ball 

Sassy Development Bumpy Ball comes in a bright color shade that interests kids pretty much. 

The gentle rattle sound of this ball creates neural connections in babies’ brains from birth through 3 years of age. The premium materials of this ball promote tactical senses among kids as well.


  • A beautiful ball with bright colors
  • Develops a vision of babies
  • Enhances tactical sense


  • Leaks synthetic fiber

#6 Skip Hop Explore and More Roll Around Rattle Toy Hedgehog

Skip Hop Explore and More Roll Around Rattle Toy Hedgehog is a colorful and attractive toy for kids. 

It has rubberized details for teething on the outer surface. This toy engages your baby in development play and also helps in the teeth growth of the baby. It can be easily considered as one of the best toys for crawlers.


  • Easy to grab a toy for kids
  • Easy to cleaning
  • It promotes all-round development among kids


  • Maybe heavy for babies

#7 Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Pull-Back Soft Vehicle Set

Melissa & Doug provides a set of four stuffed vehicles. It includes a fire truck, a school bus, a family car, and a police car. 

With a rev-up mechanism, the wheels provide great speed to the vehicles. These vehicles are very soft and enhance the motor and sensory skills among kids. 

Research shows that these soft vehicles enhance self-confidence, social skills, and resilience among kids.

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  • Provides an all-round development among kids
  • Easy to clean and open this vehicle
  • Very soft to touch with a rev-up mechanism


  • Triggers overwhelming chemical smell

#8 Fisher-Price Zoom ‘n Crawl Monster

Fisher-Price presents a Zoom ‘n crawl toy monster that is painted in bright colors to intrigue kids. It is one of the toys that encourage crawling or standing. 

This toy has 15 pre-fed songs and phrases to teach kids basic manners. It develops motor, thinking, auditory, visual and tactile skills. Toddlers can either watch the balls rolling into the mouth of a monster or crawl and chase them. 


  • Sings 15 songs and certain phases to teach manners to the kids
  • Provides all-round development to infants
  • Colorful and appealing


  • With a monster face, it can be scary for kids sometimes

#9 Baby Einstein Roller Pillar Activity Balls

Baby Einstein Roller Pillar Activity Balls is a ball toy that encourages kids to explore.

Its packaging includes five multi-sensory balls, with different designs printed on each one of them. Not only does it boost hand-eye coordination, but it also encourages babies to crawl.


  • Enhances hand and eye coordination of kids
  • Five beautifully imprinted balls, perfect for the hands of toddlers


  • Kids are not much interested in playing with balls for an extended period

#10 Vtech Lil’ Critters Rolls and Discover Ball

Vtech Lil’ Critters Rolls and Discover Ball is a ball that has motion sensors. 

This toy has a big star-shaped button that introduces animals and numbers to your kid. This stuffed toy ball has a soft texture and supports tactical development among kids.


  • Beautiful ball to enhance motor skill among kids
  • very soft to touch


  • The ball doesn’t bounce.


Crawling is what develops the vestibular and sensory system in kids. It is the first form of independent movement. If you’re still unsure, we recommend the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Crawl – Through Tunnel as it’s the perfect combination of fun and discovery. Apart from encouraging your kid’s skills, it is also well made and will hold up for years.

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