Can You Cook With Wine While Pregnant?

Can You Cook With Wine While Pregnant?

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When a woman is pregnant, there are many things that they are required to stop doing.

In terms of diet, they must eliminate caffeine and avoid eating cheese that is not pasteurized.

Cured meat is also eradicated from the meals of pregnant women as it can be dangerous.

Nevertheless, the most frequent question asked is can you cook with wine while pregnant?

Many pregnant women know that anything related to wine should not be consumed by themselves during pregnancy.

However, the rules seem to change over time since pregnant women have now been using wine for cooking certain foods.

According to experts, it’s the wine drinking during pregnancy that can harm the baby since the exact wine content is not determined.

Can you cook with wine while pregnant?

Though drinking wine while pregnant is prohibited, cooking using wine is generally okay.

When wine is being used to prepare meals by pregnant women, the type of methods during meal cooking reduces the amount of wine content.

The wine in the meals may be burnt, leaving behind little to no traces of alcohol. In desserts, for example, the wine content is rarely removed.

It is also important to note that boiling usually removes the highest amount of wine when pregnant women decide to cook.

Pregnant women are not advised to cook their meals with excess wine as it can affect the baby.

Upon the wine reaching the baby, it can result in numerous birth complications, mental problems, and physical challenges.

The effects can also continue to be dominant when the child is born and when they grow.

Cooking food with excess wine for pregnant women can be dangerous, especially for mothers recovering from using wine or other alcohol-related products.

The wine in food can act as a trigger for them. Pregnant women should use only small amounts of wine to prepare their food.

Some of the methods pregnant women can use to prepare their meals are discussed below.

1. Cooking foods with wine through boiling

Boiling has been an efficient way of cooking food for many centuries. People often ask; can you cook with wine while pregnant?

Boiling is a suitable method of preparing meals that have wine in them.

Boiling food is the method used to heat or cook meals at very high temperatures in the presence of water.

Boiling food with wine is usually done within thirty minutes. Pregnant women boil food; hence they are in a position to cook with wine as it’s a quick method.

Boiling food with wine is a safe way for pregnant women to cook their food. A meal with less wine content is safe to eat during pregnancy.

2. Preparing meals with wine by simmering

Can you cook with wine while pregnant? This question is quickly answered by preparing a meal through the simmering process.

Simmering is a good process that pregnant women can use to prepare wine-content foods.

Simmering is when food is prepared beneath the high steaming points.

The prepared food is then left on its own to simmer as it gradually cooks. This method is among the easiest for pregnant women to prepare their meals. 

Pregnant women can use the simmering method to prepare their foods as they are guaranteed that wine content will be reduced by cooking.

When the food containing the wine is ready for a long time, the wine content is removed faster and can be consumed by pregnant mothers. 

3. Cooking foods with wine by flambé method

The flambé method is among the most popular food preparation methods in the modern world.

This food preparation technique involves plenty of wine content that is used.

Pregnant women can use this technique to remove little wine content while preparing food.

However, they should be conscientious as the fire can burn them. The flambé method is the last option pregnant women should use while preparing foods with wine.

The advantage of this method is that it only takes about a few minutes.

After the flambé method is done, it is estimated that about seventy-five percent of the wine is left behind in food.

4. Ways of minimizing wine content in foods

There are some ways pregnant women can use to minimize the wine content in their foods. Some of them include the following:

  • By using the slow cookers – slow cookers are necessary for cooking foods, primarily through the simmering process. The slow cookers ensure that enough wine is removed from the food. Pregnant women can use slow cookers to prepare foods with wine so that the wine in the food can be removed by cooking gradually.


  • Through timing – the time wine is added to food determines the amount of wine left during the cooking process. Pregnant women are advised to add their wine before they begin to cook their meals.


Can you cook with wine while pregnant? The answer to this frequently asked question is yes.

Pregnant women can cook using wine but under certain conditions.

Boiling food that has wine helps to eradicate about ninety percent of the wine.

Since only ten percent remains, pregnant mothers using the boiling method to prepare foods are in an excellent position to eat the food.

By simmering food that has wine, the wine content is almost reduced by half when it’s done by twenty minutes.

As the simmering time increases, so does the rate of wine being removed from the food.

Pregnant women use the simmering method to prepare their meals as the technique is quick.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to wine when you boil it?

When wine is boiled, the alcohol found in the wine evaporates. At the same time, the wine evaporates.

The food is continuously cooking. When the alcohol in the wine continues to fade, only the flavors remain.

The boiling of wine leads to sweetness and acidity becoming more as the alcohol in wine reduces.

Low wine content in food is sufficient for pregnant women to consume.

Can you have vodka sauce when pregnant?

Pregnant women are advised not to consume any alcoholic product during the pregnancy period.

However, when pregnant women consume vodka sauce, it rarely negatively affects the baby.

Research has shown that there is the slightest possibility that a baby can be affected by vodka sauce when pregnant women consume it.

The baby is also not likely to be intoxicated by the vodka sauce.

What substitutes in food can be used in place of wine?

Since wine is not advisable for pregnant women, many substitutes can be used as a replacement.

Some of the substitutes which pregnant women can use in place of wine include vegetable stocks, tomato pastes, and apple juice.

When food is prepared using these products, pregnant women can comfortably consume them without the risk of harming the baby.

As such, foods having wine should be avoided by pregnant women as much as possible.



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