Flu Like Symptoms After C Section
C Section

Flu Like Symptoms After C Section – 6 Reasons For Sickness

Experiencing Flu Like Symptoms After C Section? Read on to find out important information that affects you.

Every delivery method can have side-effects.

However, C-sections are more complicated and come with more issues after delivery: from rashes to a delicate wound and takes time to heal.

Other problems can include flu like symptoms, which most new mothers have no idea what the mean or how to deal with them.

If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms after c-section, we have tips on what you can do.

And, if you are waiting to deliver, it does not hurt to know what you need to do in advance.

Causes of Flu Like Symptoms After C Section

In the lead up to giving birth, your body has gone through a lot of changes.

With that also came lots of minor and major ailments, aches and pains that sometimes had no explanation.

Even as you heal, you may still be experiencing lots of body issues that make no sense. 

When it comes to flu-like symptoms after c-section, these could be signs of an incision infection and need to be checked immediately by your doctor. Such symptoms can be:

1. Fever

It is one of the surest ways of knowing that you have a c-section infection, especially if you get a fever within 14 days of the operation.

A fever is your immune system’s way of trying to kick out the virus from your body.

2. Chills

While postpartum chills are common as your body tries to go back to normal, they can cause concern when accompanied by a fever.

Otherwise, the best thing to do when this happens is to bundle up in warm clothes and just wait it out.

3. Body aches

Body aches are to be expected after a major surgery like a c-section.

However, you should definitely see your doctor if the pain is centered in one area or lasts longer than it should have.

You can also take some pain medication provided that your doctor recommends it.

4. Fatigue

It’s okay to feel very tired for the first few weeks after a c-section.

Just rest and give yourself space and time to heal without so many distractions.

5. Headaches

If you’re experiencing headaches after a c-section, the anesthesia’s likely cause during the surgery.

You can get rid of it by taking prescribed painkillers from your doctor, who may also need to do an epidural blood patch if the pain persists.

6. Excessive sweating

Going through any birth, whether vaginal or c-section, comes with many hormonal changes for the mother.

It’s what causes excessive sweating as your body tries to regulate itself.

Some of the flu-like symptoms after c-section you may be experiencing is just a normal part of your body’s healing process.

However, some of them can be a sign of an incision infection that can also be accompanied by some swelling around your body.

While a c-section infection can be nasty, the best thing you can do is be on the lookout for any symptoms.

Knowing what to look for will help you understand when to wait it out and when it is time to call your doctor immediately.

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