How To Apply Diaper Cream

How To Apply Diaper Cream? 5 Smart Tips

There are many questions new parents ask, among them, how to apply diaper cream.

As a new parent, you’re probably doing many things that are entirely new to you.

While you can learn many of these things along the way, you will still be afraid of doing wrong.

When it comes to applying diaper cream, it’s essential to know the right way to do that so that there are no accidents and your baby’s okay.

So if you’re wondering how to apply diaper cream, here’s what you can start doing.

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Why Diaper Cream Is Important

It’s a fact that babies have to wear diapers, almost 24/7.

While this is normal, your baby’s private parts end up exposed to lots of bacteria from urine and excitement.

The moist environment can also make your baby’s soft skin react and a rash to break out.

You may also notice that your baby’s skin around the genitals is red and irritated when you remove their diaper.

This is why using diaper cream is important as it can prevent this rash and even treat it.

Diaper cream works by creating a barrier between your baby’s sensitive skin and anything that may cause inflammation.

It is also quite soothing for your baby if they already have a rash due to its moisturizing properties.

When looking for the best diaper cream for your baby, it is best to go gentle on the skin, especially when the baby is tiny.

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How To Apply Diaper Cream

Ideally, you should apply diaper cream to your baby’s skin after every diaper change.

If you don’t know how to use diaper cream, here’s what you should do:

  1. Remove the baby’s dirty diaper and wipe all around their private parts to remove all dirt. Ensure that you also focus on the inside of the thighs and where there are folds in the skin.
  2. After removing the dirty diaper, place your baby onto a clean one so that you can start applying the diaper cream.
  3. When applying the diaper cream, just use a small amount and then spread it around. You only need about a finger’s amount of diaper cream to cover the whole area. Apply it gently with the tips of your fingers. Don’t worry too much if there’s a mess. It’s best to spread the diaper cream over the areas that are likely to get a rash, like the skin between the buttocks. Please note that you need to be careful not to get any diaper cream inside the baby’s vagina or the penis foreskin as it could be very irritating and painful.
  4. After that, just secure the clean diaper around your baby, and they should be all good.
  5. Finally, you need to wash your hands with warm soapy water to get rid of the diaper cream residue. Since it doesn’t mix with water, you may need to scrub a little extra hard to get all the diaper cream off your hands.

Sometimes you may see that you’re applying diaper cream every day and your baby still has a rash.

It could be a result of topical yeast overgrowth, and you need to let your baby’s doctor know so that they can recommend a working treatment plan.

You should also make sure that you keep the yeast infected area clean and dry at all times so it can heal faster.

Changing a dirty diaper is a necessary part of being a parent, but you also need to be careful not to do something that hurts your baby.

Knowing how to apply diaper cream will prevent the baby from getting a rash and make them feel better.

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