How To Get Washable Marker Off Skin
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How To Get Washable Marker Off Skin -6 Practical Ways

It’s easy to accidentally get Sharpie or marker on your skin during arts and crafts time, whether you’re an adult or a child. But, is this a bad thing? Are sharpies and markers safe on your skin, or are they toxic?

Has your little one discovered markers and you don’t know how to get washable marker off skin?

They might be having all the possible fun doodling all over the place with markers. But, unfortunately, this will not be as fun for you when you need to clean it. 

Markers are a tad bit messy, whether they are on skin, fabric, or other surfaces in your home.

When it comes to the skin, some markers are harmless. Others can cause allergic reactions, like a rash or acne, itching, swelling, or redness.

Foul smells from some markers will irritate your nose ad eyes. Therefore, it would be best to clear them out as soon as possible.

Here’s all you need to know about removing washable markers from your skin. 

What makes up a washable marker?

Washable markers contain several ingredients, including ink, color, water, oil, and powder.

While these are the essential ingredients for washable markers, some might contain notable toxic compounds such as xylene and resins. These can be harmful. 

If you are dealing with temporary markers, you will have an easier time washing them off.

That’s because these are water-based, making them prey erasable. On the other hand, waterproof markers have a non-water medium.

This makes them resist dissolving in water.

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How To Get Washable Marker Off Skin: Necessary Materials

Markers and crayons are perfect for your little one to explore colors and their creative passions.

Regrettably, young kids can unwittingly leave marks on their clothes, around walls, or on their skin while discovering their creative passion.

So, to ensure the safety of your little one, first, ensure you purchase non-toxic markers for your baby to use.

Some markers contain toxic substances that might irritate the baby’s delicate skin and have harmful fumes.

Washable markers are suitable for young kids because you can easily remove them from skin, clothes, and walls.

As you prepare to remove washable markers from the skin, it is best to understand its ingredients. That said, below are the most necessary items to have:

1. Water and basic soap

Washable markers are water-soluble; thus, water is your first choice eraser. The markers will dissolve in water and get washed away.

Further scrubbing with your hand or a piece of fabric will enhance the washing.

Soap will make it super easy to wash off the marker from your skin.

Soap breaks down the compound that skin oil and the marker form into smaller and more soluble particles.

These are much easier to wash off than using water only.  

Run some water over the marker, apply some soap, scrub and rinse till clean.

2. Use mineral oil

Tried soap and water and still not worked out? Apply mineral oil to the marker to loosen the ink from the skin, then wash off with water. 

Markers contain ink, which has a higher affinity for mineral or baby oil than your skin. Next, use soap to clean off the oil to reduce the possibility of developing acne.

3. Apply some toothpaste

The ink will also dissolve in a thick layer of toothpaste. Dampen the ink apply some toothpaste, and rub over.

The ink takes a few minutes to dissolve. After two or so minutes, run some warm water over to rinse and take off the ink.

4. Use an alcohol sanitizer

Apply the sanitizer and use fabric or a piece of cotton wool to wipe off the ink. Alcohol will easily dissolve the ink and remove it from your skin.

5. Use makeup remover

Makeup is close in composition with the marker on your skin. Applying makeup remover and using a cotton wool ball to wipe off the ink will do the trick.

However, you will need more amounts of makeup remover and the use of some force.

6. Take care of your skin

When attempting to remove the ink, ensure that you don’t use any material that you are allergic to.

Any method can sufficiently get the ink off harmlessly unless you have some allergy to the substance. 

Take care not to use corrosive substances such as sulfuric acid or strong bases.

Otherwise, you will wound your skin and allow the ink to enter your body, potentially producing inflammation or an allergic reaction.

If your baby is using a marker to doodle all over the place, including your body, you can rest easy and stop panicking.

There are several ways on how to get washable marker off skin. Cleaning it off with water and soap is the easiest way to go.

However, if this doesn’t work, try sanitizer, toothpaste, mineral oil, or makeup remover.   

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