Toddler White Poop Too Much Milk Issues – 3 Quick Fixes

Having Toddler White Poop Too Much Milk Issues?

Keeping track of your toddler’s bathroom habits may sound gross, but it is essential as a parent.

When it comes to poop, any color change can be a cause for concern.

This could be a result of many things and can be pretty easy to fix when you know what to do.

For example, white poop can be a result of too much milk consumption. In this article, we’ll uncover the real reasons your toddler may have white poop so you can make the right decision as a parent. 

So if you are wondering what to do about toddler white poop from too much milk, keep reading to find out.

Toddler White Poop Too Much Milk Issues

What your toddler eats affects the color and consistency of their poop.

That’s why it can look white if they drink a lot of milk. Toddler white poop from too much milk is common, but underlying medical conditions can also cause it.

Gallstones block bile from being released, which helps with digestion, and this can cause your toddler’s poop to turn white.

They can also cause blockage in other major organs and are life-threatening when not treated in time.

It also increases your toddler’s risk of getting liver failure, which is fortunately quite rare.

Tumors in certain areas have also been shown to block bile juice flow which is a common reason for white poop.

It is important to take your toddler to be checked out by a doctor to detect anything serious early. 

However, some other reasons why your toddler’s poop is white include:

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1. Milk diet

Toddler White Poop Too Much Milk Issues

If your toddler only drinks milk all day, then their poop will always be white. Too much milk may also mean that your child is not eating enough and may not be getting all the nutrients they need. 

Their body may also be reacting to a particular brand of milk or formula used that turns their poop white.

You should add various foods and drinks to their diet, including fruit juice and lots of water.

2. Milk allergy

Your child may be allergic to a milk protein, which can cause their poop to turn white.

It becomes digested too quickly, and stool forms almost immediately after they drink the milk.

Some other signs that your toddler may have a milk allergy include an upset stomach, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

These are also symptoms of lactose intolerance: the body’s inability to digest lactose found in cow’s milk.

You can make your toddler feel better by changing milk formulas or getting a milk substitute, like coconut or almond milk. 

Some kids might be allergic to cow milk but can consume goat milk. You can try it out, too, and see if your child responds better to it.

If so, you can change their dairy products, like yogurt and such to those produced from goat milk. 

4. Antacids

Toddler White Poop Too Much Milk Issues

If your toddler is constantly on antacids to treat indigestion or heartburn, this could also turn their poop white.

Make sure that you check the listed side effects of antacids before you administer them to your child. 

5. X-Rays

This mostly happens when your toddler is getting contrast X-rays, and the white poop should disappear after a few days.

During the procedure, the doctor may require them to drink a white, chalky substance, making it easier to see and differentiate things inside the body.

6. Stomach infection

Toddler White Poop Too Much Milk Issues

After a stomach infection that came with a lot of diarrhea, your toddler’s poop may turn white.

That’s because there isn’t enough bile or bacteria in their body at the moment.

As they heal, this will build up, and their poop should go back to the normal color.

Pooping is a vital part of growing up for your toddler and something you should always keep an eye on.

When having Toddler White Poop Too Much Milk concerns, it is also good to know why that happens.

It will help you know what you need to do to ensure that your toddler’s poop is the right color.

It is also important that you consult your toddler’s doctor immediately so that you can rule out any serious issues.

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