Why Do Parents Glue Pennies To Their Children's Shoes?

Why Do Parents Glue Pennies To Their Children’s Shoes?

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Ever wondered why do parents glue pennies to their children’s shoes? 

Parents Gluing pennies to children’s shoes might seem absurd when you do not know its reasons.

However, if you know the reason behind it, you’ll undoubtedly find it interesting.

Parents glue pennies to their children’s shoes for various reasons. 

But the most popular of them is to keep a tab on their kids, without the need to keep looking at them all the time, using the sound as they run.

The other reasons include – turning their normal shoes into tap shoes and keeping the shoes from wearing out quickly.

Let us dig into each of these reasons and understand the intentions behind each scenario, how fruitful they are in giving good results, and how safe and legal it is to use them.

Why Do Parents Glue Pennies To Their Children’s Shoes?

Gluing pennies to shoes is not an easy task as not every glue does this, and bonding between metal and rubber or plastic is not that easy.

If you manage to glue them, they do not come off easily, making them permanent. Most people do not know what purpose they serve.

This article helps clear any misconceptions you have about gluing pennies to shoes, and it might even help you find a use or two for yourself. 

#1 To keep tabs

Gluing pennies to shoes is very useful in the case of toddlers.

New parents become tired of keeping tabs on toddlers as their curious child runs around and drains their energy.

They can simply glue these pennies to their shoes and let them enjoy running around and keep tabs on them by following the sound they make on the hardwood floor.

It helps them know what their child is up to even when they are in some other work, and they can check on them if things get quiet.

Kids find this sound amusing and love to try out their modified shoes frequently.

Overall, it is a win-win for both the kid and the parents as they serve both and keep them happy.

#2 For cheap tap shoes

Tap shoes are expensive, especially if your child is seriously into tap dancing practice. 

They try out pennies glued to least used shoes to let them understand if it is their thing before going to the real shoes.

When glued to the bottom of shoes, Pennies sound similar to tap shoes.

Moreover, growing kids outgrow shoes quickly, and investing in such costly shoes from time to time is not everyone’s cup of tea.

This arrangement helps the kids explore, understand and enjoy their interest in tap dancing without spending a lot of money on it. 

#3 For entertainment

Few kids simply enjoy making sounds and being loud.

They are not into tap dancing or need surveillance like toddlers but enjoy making sounds.

The sound of pennies on the hardwood floor is enjoyable and not too loud to annoy you.

It is sweet to hear when it is rhythmic but bearable even when it is not.

So, parents who want to help their child to enjoy sounds without disturbing anyone too much find this option implementable.

It lets them know different sounds when they use their legs differently.

As they go on with entertainment, who knows, they might become future musicians or dancers.

#4 To reduce wear

It is useful not only for kids but also for adults.

Or say more useful for adults as the metal under the easily wearable rubber sole protects it and helps the shoes last longer.

Kids usually outgrow their shoes quickly before they can wear them out. 

However, it is a useful tip for parents with middle school and high school children who seem to grow not as fast as the pre-school kids.

A stable heel without wear provides more support.

#5 To add bling

Few people add pennies to add bling to the otherwise boring shoes.

In this case, they stick pennies on the sides or front of the shoes rather than their bottom.

Where to glue the pennies?

First, decide the purpose of gluing them to your shoes and then do a trial run by taping them to your shoes.

Once you are satisfied with the result, glue them permanently using well-bonding glues.

For instance, if you plan to make tap shoes, put one or two in the front of the sole, a few in the middle, and along the base.

Test them for sound and stability and adjust their position. Once you finalize them for an optimal position, you can super glue them.


So, you now know why parents glue pennies to their children’s shoes. While safety is a major concern, they do provide quite amusing entertainment.

Few people swore by the wear issue and confirmed that shoes last longer when gluing pennies to them. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to use pennies in this manner?

While it might seem technically illegal to deform US money, it is not when you use them for non-fraudulent activities.

You are a subject of interest to the government if you try to melt or deform the pennies with an intent to sell them for profit. 

However, using them on projects is entirely acceptable in the US, especially when they are used for amusement, jewelry, or novelty in low volumes.

What more should you know about gluing pennies to the shoes?

One thing to remember is that if you are to glue pennies to the shoes, they are almost permanent and do not come off easily.

Even if they do, some glue remains and makes it awkward to step with them.

The glues used in this process are strong adhesives, and you should use shoes only that you think you can keep the pennies on forever. 

Don’t pennies make the shoes slippery?

Yes, they have the risk of slipping based on how many pennies you are placing and where you are placing, along with the person’s age.

Also, there is a risk of scratching your floors depending on the wood finish.

The safest scenario is to use them as tap dancing shoes in a designated area where you don’t mind a few scuffs.

Or to decorate the shoes, but you should consider the risk of slipping over everything else.

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