Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike Review
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Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike Review 2021 – Honest Review

In this article, we’ll review the Apollo 125cc Dirt Biker.

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Blue
  • 125cc Dirt Bike,4 Stroke, Single Cylinder
  • 4 Speed Manual Clutch, Front/Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Front/Rear 17"/14'' Wheels, Seat Height 36.5"
  • Air Cooled,Kick Start,6.5 kw/7500 rpm Max Power

Sports can be a challenging sport, but your bike doesn’t need to be one. That’s why we have brought you the Apollo 125cc Dirt Biker review. This dirt bike is not only appealing to your eyes but has features that might push you to buy one by the end of this article. 


While we know the rider’s skills matter the most, most of us forget that a sports bike’s significance is no less. Whether it is a dirt bike or a fat bike, it is primary to consider the features. The stunts performed by these bikes are no less than a live “road-rash.” That’s where the Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike review is going to help you. Let’s see what it can offer to its buyers.


  • Powerful Engine

For the initials, this dirt bike has a powerful engine. It has four-stroke engines along with a cylinder. The user-friendly engine gives you a displacement of 125cc, which is helpful in the long run. It is air-cooled. 

  • Power and Speed

The maximum speed offered by this dirt bike is around 55 mph. However, the terrain might be responsible for the speed variation due to the rider’s weight. The engine offers a maximum power of 6.5 kW/7500 rpm.

  • Frame Specifications

The clutch in the bike is a 4-speed manual clutch. The frame of this bike is made up of a Twin Spare heavy-duty steel frame. 

  • Suspension and Safety

The suspensions, however, are non-adjustable. The front suspension and the rear suspension measures 750 mm and 320 mm, respectively. The front and the rear brakes are hydraulic disc brakes. 

  • Tire Dimensions

 The front tire and the rear one measures 17″ and 14″, respectively. The wheelbase is 48.03 inches. The seat is as high as 36.5 inches. 

  • Weight

This product’s net weight is around 147.7 Ibs, whereas the gross weight is about 180 Ibs. The fuel capacity is approximately 1.03 gal.

  • Height

The height of the seat is roughly 36.5″ from the ground.

  • Additional Benefits

Additionally, Apollo offers you security through a 30 days warranty on all defective parts. It is available in blue color along with the cool graphics designed on it.

So, you’ve got a great engine, easy and futuristic engineering, and safety ensures. What else do you need from a dirt bike? Go and get the best one out there, which is made for you.


“The comfort for a rider matters the least” is a myth. Riding a 125-cc bike is a tiring subject itself. Thus, comfort in the bike must be maintained. The suspension helps to prevent the person from receiving the jerks while riding the bike. The seat’s height is also a perk as the height is not too much above the ground level. So, it is not only fast but has comfort added to it. 


It is perfect for providing security. The disc brakes keep the movement swift yet stable. If you have to stop the bike at an immediate halt, which is quite prominent in bike sports, then the disc brakes will prevent the movement from breaking. And, due to this, the rider is safe and does not fall.  


Compared to other bikes, Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike is the best portable bike. It is easy to move with its 48.03 inches wheelbase. The engines are powerful and help run it smoothly on overall terrains despite the sound it makes. When packed, it’s not difficult to carry around. 


Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Blue
  • 125cc Dirt Bike,4 Stroke, Single Cylinder
  • 4 Speed Manual Clutch, Front/Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Front/Rear 17"/14'' Wheels, Seat Height 36.5"
  • Air Cooled,Kick Start,6.5 kw/7500 rpm Max Power

The accessories are not add-ons, but the parts that are joined to complete this Apollo 125cc Dirt Biker. The handlebars, seating, and so on are organized separately in the package, which has to be organized by users. 

  • It is fit for all terrains.
  • The engineering is sport-intensive and user-friendly.
  • The tires are fit for any sport under any specific circumstance.
  • The features are so efficient that the rider’s safety and along with speed, is ensured.
  • Apt for professionals involved religiously in the field.
  • The comfort of the rider is maintained.
  • Additional perks like a guarantee of a 30-day money-back add up to its pros.
  • Loud noises are noticeable, but this bike’s engine has been too loud for some customers.
  • The displacement is could have been better.


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So, if you wish to get a dirt bike that fits most of the terrains, then the Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike is the best one for you. As mentioned in the Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike Review, the detailed features built for comfort and swift movement makes it one of the best bikes in the market for bike sports. So, what are you waiting for? Get your ideal bike and slay in the rammed crowd of thousands. Happy racing!

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