Baby Moans While Nursing

Are you looking for answers to why your baby moans while nursing?

Parenting is a journey full of surprises. Therefore, it’s vital to be hypervigilant and not to ignore the tiniest of details happening in your little one’s life.

For example, I know your baby moaning while feeding can be overwhelming and nerve-racking, especially for first-time moms.

In this detailed masterpiece, we will elucidate the reasons as to why your baby moans while nursing, other sounds toddlers might make while feeding.

Baby Moans While Nursing

Breastfeeding can be a messy and noisy experience, at least for our babies.

Grunting, clicking, gulping, and squirming might seem typical, but moaning can be pretty alarming.

And even it can be embarrassing if the moans are loud and attract attention. 

So what could be the cause of this peculiar behavior? Are they trying to communicate with you?

Reasons Why Your Baby Moans While Nursing

In some cases, it might not be a cause of concern as your little one might be savoring the moment.

But, on the other hand, it could be a slight or significant problem. 

First and foremost, your baby could be enjoying the moment. As a result, they might release a sound, more like humming, which you might interpret as moaning.

Second, most babies tend to enjoy breast milk. Nursing provides babies with calmness, quenches their thirst and hunger, helping them to fall asleep.

Also, that’s the reason why most babies want to breastfeed again and again. They never stop.

Therefore your baby could be humming/moaning while nursing simply because your milk tastes good. 

Also, your little angel might be moaning because they are tired.

It might be a means of communication, and their way of expressing tiredness probably from the nursing position or they have had enough.

For the latter, your baby might sleep immediately after a belly-filling.

If they are tired from the breastfeeding positions, you can try to make them comfortable.

For instance, a nursing pillow will support the back of your baby-making the nursing more comfortable.

Even better, it keeps your hands free, and you can do other chores. 

Finally, toddlers with a little trapped wind might moan while nursing.

Suppose they whine and moan while breastfeeding, place them on their tummy on your lap, and pat his back.

If they had trapped gas bubbles, expect a massive burp. It’s typical for babies to have gas while nursing.

It might not be painful but can cause pain and discomfort in their tummies when it becomes trapped in their bellies or intestines.

Therefore, ensure your baby is latched deep enough and constantly burp them during and after a feeding.

Also, gently rubbing their bellies clockwise concurrently pulling your hands down the belly curve will remedy gas problems.

As you can imagine, baby moans while nursing shouldn’t always be a cause of concern.

They might be loving the moment, feeling a bit tired or uncomfortable, or having gas problems.

Still, and as already outlined, babies make a lot of noises while breastfeeding, and it would be best to be knowledgeable about them too. 

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Other Sounds and Movements Babies Make While Nurse

Besides crying, babies have other expressions to communicate with us.

Grunting, clicking, squirming, and groaning are the most prevalent sounds toddlers make while breastfeeding. 

1. Grunting

Babies might release a sound similar to that of pigs while nursing.

Typically, babies grunt to show that they are making an effort, especially when emptying a bowel.

Also, when they are adjusting to changes while feeding.

Babies, especially newborns, release grunting sounds when releasing a bowel because they have immature abdominal muscles.

They haven’t yet learned how to relax their pelvic floor when moving stool and gas through their systems. 

It’s perfectly normal for babies to grant occasionally. Still, consult a health expert if they appear to be in distress, pain, or grunting with every breath. 

2. Squirming

Some squirming is typical while breastfeeding. Still, if toddlers are thrashing and uncomfortable, there could be a fault with the feeding.

Possible causes for this behavior include:

  1. They are having trouble latching, 
  2. Growth spurts as they want to feed more. 
  3. They are tired of nursing. 
  4. They might be having an infection or pain. In most cases, it’s usually an ear infection. 
  5. They are in an uncomfortable nursing position. 
  6. Gassiness

3. Gulping

Gulping is rarely a cause of concern.

However, when your baby swallows a chunk of milk concurrently with the rhythmic flow of sucking and breathing, a gulping sound is heard. 

Also, when your baby produces Clicking sounds when nursing, it could indicate trouble while latching, and they are constantly breaking the seal. 


It’s vital to check for any slight changes and sounds when nursing your little angel.

When a baby moans while nursing or releases other sounds, it would be best to follow it up with a pediatrician if it causes them pain and discomfort.

Also, you might take some measures such as using a nursing pillow, leaning back and putting the baby over you, or stopping the breastfeeding momentarily and burping them to alleviate their discomfort. 

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