Can I Stop My Child From Seeing Her Grandparents
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Can I Stop My Child From Seeing Her Grandparents

History has proved that children bond with their grandparents quite well. But then, I think can I stop my child from seeing her grandparents?

Unfortunately, some parents don’t take it as an excellent sign to allow their children to visit their grandparents. 

Let’s see why you should and shouldn’t let your child visit your spouse’s parents.

Can I Stop My Child From Seeing Her Grandparents

According to the law, parents cannot stop their child from visiting her grandparents.

If you don’t want your child and their grandparents to meet, you will have to take the matter to court. 

For this, you must be aware of state law. But yes, if there’s a serious reason behind denying them the visit, the court may order a restricting order against them. 

If the grandparents want to visit your child after a restricting order, then they should get a court order for that too.

You can get this visitation canceled by the court by giving the reason that it is not in your child’s best interest. 

When your spouse’s parents undermine your authority, you can get their court order denied.

You can tell the court about issues like health problems, allergies, etc., that can put your child at risk. 

In case of issuing a restraining order, the court will determine your child’s relationship with her grandparents.

What to do then? Can I stop my child from seeing her grandparents? 

Of course, it is possible. The court will identify both tangible and intangible issues behind the request for a restraining order. Let the court take its course.

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1. Visiting Rights Of Grandparents

Without a restricting order, grandparents can see their grandchildren at any time. But a restricting order limits or denies their rights to meet their grandkids. 

Considering whether the visitation is suitable for the child or not, the court will take action accordingly.

Even the law allows kids to meet their grandparents sometimes. This may help them to bond well and resolve all issues. 

Depending upon the gravity of the reason, the judge may allow limited contact between the two parties.

For example, they may contact via phone, webcams, letters, family get-togethers, etc. 

In severe cases, the judge may also bar the grandparents from contacting their grandchildren.

2. What Happens In Serious Issues?

What happens when something serious happens? Can I stop my child from seeing her grandparents? The answer is yes. 

But a usual argument between the parents and grandparents of the kid isn’t enough reason to cut off all communication.

Here are some reasons when the court grants a severe restricting order.

  • When both the parties are fighting a legal battle
  • When grandparents have a bad influence on the kid
  • When grandparents undermine the child’s parents
  • When grandparents resort to physical violence with their grandchildren
  • When your kid says that he doesn’t want to meet her grandparents

These are pretty tricky situations when the court may deny all communications between the two parties.

3. How To Protect My Child From Her Grandparents?

Sometimes there might be differences between parents and grandparents related to the upbringing of the child.

Certain decisions or actions of the grandparents may put your child at risk. 

Directly taking action against the child’s grandparents should not be your first option.

First, you should try and discuss your child’s safety with your spouse’s parents.

I know, this might strike your mind that you shouldn’t let the grandparents meet your child. 

When the grandparents are still obstinate about their bad behavior, you may resort to legal action against them.

Obtaining a restraining order against them will protect your child from their bad influence.


Parents find themselves in a difficult spot when denying the child’s grandparents to meet your child.

If the grandparents have a terrible influence on the child, you can refuse them to meet your kid.

So, can I stop my child from seeing her grandparents? Of course, you can. Taking legal action against them may prevent them from seeing your kid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can A Parent Deny A Grandparent Visitation?

Yes, a parent can deny a grandparent to visit her child. Legal action against the grandparents, e.g., obtaining a restraining order, will restrict them.

The court will take any action by looking at the genuineness of your request. If a child is 14 years of age or more, her opinion will also be asked in court.

Do Grandparents Have Legal Rights To See Their Grandchildren?

If a restricting order is issued against the grandparents, they have limited or no rights to visit their grandchild.

In other words, grandparents do not have a guaranteed right to visitation. They have a right to ask the court to grant them a visitation. 

Do I Have To Let Grandparents See My Child?

It is not compulsory to let the grandparents see your child. However, they may visit their grandchild once a week, depending upon their location.

If you feel that the visitation is not in the child’s best interest, you can deny their visit.

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