How Can a Father Walk Out on His Child

How Can a Father Walk Out on His Child

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This is not an unknown fact that children are the most affected individuals after their parents’ separation.

 What happens when a father leaves his child? How can a father walk out on his child?

In most cases, when a father leaves his child, he’s definitely missing a lot. So let’s see what happens when the father cuts off all relations completely.

How Can a Father Walk Out on His Child?

When parents get divorced, they either remain very close to their kids or completely cut them off. Mostly we see that daughters are really fond of their fathers. 

But, how can a father walk out on his child? What happens when he leaves them?

There are several reasons for that. Either he’s not interested in raising a child, or he thinks that the kid is better off without him. 

There are sporadic cases when the father is not interested in keeping a relationship with his kid. He’s probably too busy or not financially strong enough to raise his child. 

The reason for the parents’ divorce may also be the cause of the father walking out on his kid.

It may be possible that either the mother or the father is involved in a new relationship.

In such cases, the father feels better to avoid any contact with her ex-wife or his child.

Most fathers walk out on their children because they’re struggling with finances and sadness.

They feel a void inside them which allows them to distance from their kid. He may not be in the right state of mind to cater to his child’s needs. 

The father’s state of mind defines how a father can walk out on his child.

1. Causes Behind Fathers Ghosting!

Now, what can be the probable causes of the father walking out on his child? Some of them I’ve explained earlier. 

In some instances, if the reason behind the divorce is another man in his ex-wife’s life, the father may choose to cut off all his relationships.

He might be too angry to confront his ex-wife or his kid. 

When the father has a new relationship, he will hardly spare time for his kid. Or maybe the kid is just not ready to accept his father’s new relationship.

This scenario can also be a significant reason for father-kid conflicts. 

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2. How Should Mothers Deal With It?

How are moms supposed to tell their kids that their father will no longer come to meet them? Moms are in a really tough spot here.

But, in the end, your kid has to know that his father is walking out on him. 

Explaining this situation to the kid matters on how old they are. How old they are to be able to understand the meaning of separation. 

Choose your words very carefully as this a pretty sensitive matter.

In simple language, you can tell them, “Your father has chosen a new life, and he won’t be a part of m=our lives anymore.”

3. How Children Will React?

Well, this is a complicated situation for both the mother and the child.

If your kid doesn’t have a good bonding with his father, he’ll probably feel indifferent about it.

In some situations where the father-son relationship is quite distorted, your kid may deal with your separation very usually. 

When your little one becomes an adult, he will ask more questions about his father. You must explain the whole situation to him.

You have to be really patient with him when you narrate your situation.

Calm your child down by narrating a few positive incidents with his father. 


Separation can really affect your child a lot. When he grows into an adult, he’ll surely ask, ‘how can a father walk out on his child?’

It is your duty to handle the situation as calmly as you can. You have to perform the duties of both a mother and a father. So, be patient!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do Dads Walk Away?

The reason dads walk away from their kids maybe because they’re not interested in raising them.

Another reason can be because the father is dealing with his issues. He’s either too frustrated or is struggling with his finances.

How Do Absent Fathers Feel?

Absent fathers usually give the impression of a selfish person. It feels like he has nothing to do with his kid.

They represent failures and are often considered to be sociopaths.

Absent fathers can have a terrible impression on their kids, where they may resort to illegal activities.

How Does A Father Leaving Affect His Child?

As I said, the separation of parents affects their kids the most. If he was close to his father, he might be broken and depressed.

His academic grades would be affected, and he won’t be able to perform well in extracurriculars as well.

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